A ColourPop Concealer Could Be Coming

by Kali Borovic

The only things that is predictable about ColourPop is that the brand is so unpredictable. In the middle of their 20 percent off sale and surprising fans with three new metallic lipsticks, the company dropped some major social media clues about a possible upcoming product. ColourPop could be creating concealers, if this tweet is any indication, and fans already have the best idea for a name.

Just this year alone, ColourPop has added tons of new products to their collection. They expanded their lip line with the addition of Blotted and Ultra Blotted Lips and created an ever-expanding line of Pressed Powders. Now it looks like they've got yet another new product in the works — concealer! ColourPop took to Twitter to ask their fans about what they should name a concealer — if they came out with one, of course.

First off, it would be incredible for the brand to create a concealer. It would be their first face product, with exception of their contouring sticks that were discontinued shortly after they hit the website. And fans already have the perfect name for the product too. Drumroll, please... COVERPOP. How stinking cute is that? It's a pun on their name and boasts what would hopefully be some great coverage as well.

Although ColourPop didn't technically announce that this will be a new product, it's still fun to hear that they're thinking about it. The brand is constantly expanding their product range and trying new things, and the possibilities are endless. The brand is also extremely affordable, so fingers crossed that they go through with the concealer idea.

Although, let's be honest, fans already picked the perfect name for a possible concealer, there were some other pretty great ideas as well. If these don't get you excited, then I don't know what will.

OK, that one is pretty great too.

ColourPop loves puns, so this is perfect too.

To go along with their Ultra Matte Lips and other similar formulas.

Some people are just too excited to brainstorm.

People really like CoverPop.

Im lol-ing.

But it's so affordable!

Needless to say, fans are pretty darn excited at even the possibility of a ColourPop concealer.