ColourPop Could Launch A Brush Set

This beauty brand does surprises so well. They’re constantly giving fans something to look forward to, and one of their most recent product teases definitely won't disappoint. ColourPop teased what looks like a brush set, and while fans haven’t even been given a glimpse of what the range consists of just yet, they’re already dying to get their hands on the entire collection. UPDATE: ColourPop officially announced a 12-piece brush set, according to the brand's Instagram.

EARLIER: It isn’t the first time ColourPop has offered fans the chance to expand their makeup tool set. They’ve released eye shadow brushes in the past, but only for a limited time. A recent Instagram post from the brand, however, indicated that their brush collection could be expanding beyond eye shadow applicators to offer fan brushes and more. The photo showed what looked like a gorgeous light pink brush carrying case, and that was all it took to get the ColourPop fans super excited.

Since very few details have been released just yet, it’s hard to know exactly what the case holds inside. From the Instagram post, it seems like there's plenty of room for all of the brushes you could need. If ColourPop will be offering the chance to purchase even more makeup tools in the future, there’s a chance they could only be available for a limited time, just as the eye shadow brushes were previously.

Here’s to hoping brushes become part of the permanent line-up from the brand this time around. If not here’s to hoping you snag this potential brush set before it sells out. Because one thing’s for certain — must-have ColourPop items don’t stick around long.

Is this the set makeup lovers have been waiting for? It sure seems that way!

Something like this would bring tears of joy to ColourPop fan.

Between this product tease and their recent announcement of a concealer launch, the brand is absolutely delivering.

The excitement is almost too much to handle.

Wait for this to launch will be a struggle, but it'll be so worth it.

Because beauty tools are not a want — they're a necessity.

Whatever this brand comes out with, folks are more than willing to purchase. Especially when the releases are this good.

Stay tuned for more information because it's not like ColourPop to leave you hanging. Prepare yourself for the goodness that's on the way because it seems as though the brand's brushes are in your future.