ColourPop's Disney Designer Collection Is Back With All New Princesses

ColourPop x Disney Designer Midnight Masquerade Collection launches Oct. 7.
Courtesy of Colourpop

If you're unable to resist anything Disney, go ahead and get your wallet out now. There's more Disney-themed beauty coming at you. ColourPop's Disney Designer Collection is back with all new princesses, and it's as nostalgia-inducing as ever.

On Oct. 5, ColourPop Cosmetics announced a new collaboration with Disney's Designer collection of princess-inspired dolls. The team-up marks the third time that the affordable makeup brand has worked with the animation studio to create products based on Disney's special edition dolls. While some familiar faces are returning to inspire products, there are also brand new princesses making their way into the world of Colourpop x Disney.

According to the beauty brand's Instagram posts, the new Disney Designer Midnight Masquerade collection has added The Hunchback of Notre Dame's Esmerelda, Tangled's Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty's Aurora, Hercules' Megara, and Enchanted's Giselle to the line-up of famous Disney faces, but don't worry if you also love some of the OG princesses. Belle, Tiana, and Cinderella are all returning in the new Disney x ColourPop partnership.

Fans of both the affordable beauty brand and the famous princesses aren't just in luck because they've partnered again. The wait for the collection is short. ColourPop x Disney Designer Midnight Masquerade launches Oct. 7 at 11 a.m. ET.

Inside the collection, Disney and ColourPop fans will find multiple products inspired by the princesses and multiple ways to shop the new items.

The collection features eight new blushes and highlighters, eight new luxe liquid lipsticks, and an eyeshadow palette. Customers will be able to purchase the entire collection (including the PR box) for $191 but individual pieces and bundled sets themed after each character will be available as well.

Compact highlighters and blushes retail for $10, lipsticks for $8, and the eyeshadow palettes costs $22. If, however, you've got a favorite Disney princess that's featured in the new Midnight Masquerade collection, you can snag that character's bundled set, featuring a blush or highlight and a lip color, for $18

Alongside the new princess-inspired bundles and eyeshadow palette, ColourPop is also launching a brand new lipstick formula as part of the collection. Each princess has a corresponding Lux Liquid Lipstick, a never-before-seen formula from the brand. According to a YouTube video uploaded to the ColourPop YouTube channel, the new lipsticks feature a whipped texture which makes it more mousse-like. As for the finish, it's matte, but the lippie doesn't dry down completely. While this makes the new Luxe Liquid Lipsticks comfortable, expect a bit of transfer.

While the collection has dropped on the ColourPop and Shop Disney websites, you'll also be able to pick up the collection in Ulta stores. According to an Instagram story from the beauty brand, the entire ColourPop x Disney Design Collection will be launching at Ulta on Oct. 13.

If you intend to shop the new products, don't forget the old. The original Disney Designer Collection as well as the Villains Collection are both still available on the brand's website too.