3 Different Ways To Wear ColourPop's Pink Collection

by Tynan Sinks

This may come as a huge shock to you, but I love the color pink: It's fun, it's flirty, it's sophisticated, it's feminine, it's masculine, it's literally anything you want it to be. ColourPop's Pink Collection is a celebration of pink — and the possibilities for it are basically endless.

The collection is made of up a palette of Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows in satin, matte, and metallic finishes (also available in streamlined palette form), a blush & highlight duo, a gorgeous Super Shock Highlighter, and several lip colors.

The collection feels like a dream, because I love pink tones all over the face — that said, I know that it can feel a little bit scary. In fact, many people are wary of pinks, fearing that pink on the eyes will make you look like you have, well, pink eye. Or a rash. Or impetigo. Or any of the above.

It's simply not so! Pink eyes are beautiful. Oh, and if anyone tries it with a someone's got pink eye comment, then I give you a pass not to talk to that person ever again.

OK, let's just get this started.

The Base

Above, you can see me without anything on. Below, it's me with a base. I used a little color corrector, that new Giorgio Armani Power Fabric (which I keep referring to with a variety of incorrect names) as well as some light bronzer.

This is where I'll begin — now onto the pinks.

A Soft Day Look

Colourpop Done Deal Pressed Powder Face Duo, $16, Colourpop

Start with blush: Specifically, the shade Above & Beyond from the Colourpop Done Deal Pressed Powder Face Duo.

I thought it really innovative, for this look, specifically, to put a shirt on, so I did that and then grabbed the best blush brush on earth and went to work.

Soft Curve Face & Cheek Brush, $32, Bare Minerals

ColourPop tells you that this is a warm pink — to me, it's a perfect mid-toned, neutral pink that almost leans cool — but maybe that's just on my face. Don't quote me on that, or anything. The formula is beautiful, smooth, and blendable. If this is the direction they're going with their pressed powder products, then count me in.

Since we're going into the office today and our boss is a drag, we might not want a high beam highlight. Let's just do a natural, soft highlight instead, using the Made Me Do It pressed powder highlighter from this same duo.

Made Me Do It Pressed Powder Highlighter, $16, Colourpop

So I grabbed a highlighting fan brush, which I usually hate but this one from Sigma is nice, and applied just a whisper of a highlight.

Strobing Fan Brush, $18, Sigma Beauty

Made Me Do It is a nice, pink champagne highlight with a gorgeous metallic sheen that builds nicely. See? Just enough?

Belle of the Ball Eyeshadow Palette, $18, Colourpop

Okay, grab that beautiful Belle of the Ball eyeshadow palette.

So, we're just going to do quick, soft pink-beige eye look. For starters, I primed, and then set my primer by sweeping Secrets, the matte, fleshy pink, all over the lid.

Now, grab one of the single shadows from the collection that is not sold in this palette but you should totally buy anyway, Labyrinth, a cappuccino pink, and carve out your crease.

Labyrinth Pressed Powder Shadow, $5, Colourpop

Labyrinth reads less brown, more dusty pink on the eyes, and compliments the soft pink lids while subtly recessing your crease. That's all we're going to do on the eyes, and I know that was mad boring but I think it's super pretty. We'll get crazy in a second.

To finish off this simple look, grab the lip liner in Birdy with the matching Lippie Stick in the new crème (pronounced crème) finish, and pop those on.

This soft nude pink is much lighter than what I'd normally wear, but I think it pulls the color from the lids down nicely.

Pop some brows on, and you're out the door.

A Bold Night Look

Let's do a night look, shall we?

First, I popped on bronzer in a shade deeper than I used above since this is a night look and we're really gonna go for it. Then, just like the last look, I dusted Secrets all over my lid to set the primer and prep my lids for blending. Then I took Fair Play, the matte hot pink that's focal point of the palette, and used it to define my crease. I also brought about halfway into my lash line.

I then grabbed Poodle, one of the single shadows from the collection.

Poodle is more of a bright, true pink, where Fair Play that I just used, leans to more of a hot, blue pink. I used Poodle to blow out the edges of Fair Play, which added dimension. Yes, they're similar colors, but different enough that when used in conjunction, it creates a beautiful pink gradient. It adds more life and makes the pink look like it has a pulse.

I grabbed On The Fence, the metallic frosty pink from the palette, and placed it on the inner half on my lid.

On the outer half, I took Pebbles, the last of the single shadows, and placed it on the outer half of my lid.

Pebbles is a deep pink with a satin finish with a shimmer that's almost a duochrome flex, it's also low key gorgeous. I didn't expect to love the color as much as I did, but I couldn't stop looking at it. On the lid, it's like a deep, grapefruit pink.

Blend all that shit together and this is what we've got:

Not to pat myself on the back, but I love that. This is also a good time to mention that since we're intensifying for this sexy Candy Land night look, I used the blush from the face duo, same as above, but then I ran my blush brush through the hot pink eyeshadow from the palette and milled it into my cheeks as well, for a little extra drama.

Speaking of drama: Time to highlight.

A Dramatic Highlight Situation

ColourPop included a Super Shock Highlighter in this collection and thank goodness they did because it is good. It's a beautiful, high shine pink that you can tap on any way you like. I applied with a damp beautyblender, and then tapped more on with my fingers because I truly don't know when to stop.

Finish the whole scene with Fresh Cut, the dusty pink Ultra Matte Liquid Lip and bam, a gorgeous, entirely pink beauty look.

Then I got bored and antsy and wanted to just play around. I wanted to created something equal parts graphic and blended, so I grabbed a small angled brush, wet the bristles, and lost my mind.

A Very Important Bonus Look

What you're seeing there is basically a whole lot of Soft Core eyeshadow applied with wet brush and blended out every which way, with highlighter blended into it. These matte shadows work beautifully with a wet brush for more intense color and defined lines while still blending out beautifully. They're extremely versatile and lend themselves to any technique you come at them with. Good products are supposed to make your job easier, and these pressed powder shadows are a shining example of that.

What do you think of the monochromatic pink look? I love it even more than I expected to, and I can't wait to see what ColourPop has in store for us next.