This Photo Of Colton & Cassie's Hometown Date Redo With Her Dad Shows How Far They've Come


Among the countless crazy memorable moments that occurred over Season 23 of The Bachelor, Cassie and Colton's hometown date tops the list as one of the most unforgettable — but not necessarily in the best way. That's why, after proclaiming their love for one another on the season finale and settling into a relationship together, they decided to give their hometown outing another try.

On March 16, Cassie posted a few photos on Instagram featuring Colton, her good friend Lin Salas, and Lin's husband, Jacob, at Sandy's Beach Shack in Huntington Beach, California. "Here goes our actual hometown date," Cassie wrote. Colton posted a similar photo with Cassie and her dad, Matt Randolph. Under his photo, he wrote, "The part of hometowns ya'll didn't get to see."

Cassie's dad experienced his five minutes of fame when he uttered a widely quoted line during Cassie's hometown visit. It was so uninspired that it was hilarious, and Bachelor Nation couldn't get enough of it. When the producers asked him what he thought of Colton during his confessional, he only had a few words: "He seemed like a, you know, guy," he said. That's it?

Well, he later made a surprise visit to Portugal to help Cassie make one of the biggest decisions of her life, and his opinion of Colton seemed to shift a bit. "I thought the world of Colton," he said in Portugal. "He seems like a nice guy and doesn't have any red flags." That opinion of him hasn't changed, judging by his gleeful smile in Colton's photo. He seems to be enjoying seeing his daughter and Colton happy together.

After a day out at Sandy's, it looks like Colton went back to Cassie's house to continue hanging with her friends and family, and her cats. A renowned dog lover, it's obvious that he's head over heels for Cassie when he's willing to love her cats, too. Of all the women who tried to woo him over with their own love of dogs, he ended up with a woman with feline friends. But he's not mad about it — he's just still learning how to get along. But he's very intrigued.

"I'm still trying to figure out how you do things with cats," he wrote over a video of Cassie's cat, Maverick, on his Instagram Story. He later posted another video of Maverick drinking from the kitchen faucet and wrote, "Cats are very strange creatures."

Cassie posted a few more videos of Colton interacting with her cat son. Colton held him up Rafiki-Simba-style and willed his acceptance of their relationship. "Do you not love me back?" Colton said to the cat. "I give you all of my heart." Cassie laughed in the background, knowing her pet was unimpressed. "He doesn't look very happy," she said. She wrote over the video, "Cat training is not going very smoothly."

A few minutes later, though, she spotted Colton and Maverick bonding. Colton just had to get to his level. He leaned over to pet him with his forehead, mimicking the head-butt cats often use to show affection. Colton and Cassie have only been dating in the real world for four months. So thankfully, there's still plenty of time for Colton and Maverick to become best friends. But (Shhhhh) he'll never replace his dog Sniper or, more importantly, Cassie.

Now that The Bachelor is over, and Colton and Cassie have a second chance at getting their hometown date just right, it seems like there's going to be plenty of time for pet-bonding in their future.