Costco's Iconic Pumpkin Pie Just Arrived & It's Nearly 4 Full Pounds

The lords of Halloween and Thanksgiving are looking down on us  — because you can get the perfect fall treat right now at Costco. That's right — Costco pumpkin pies have already arrived with a bang, and they look incredible. This delicious slice of fall heaven was spotted by Instagrammer @CostcoBuys, and it's sure to make all of your fall dessert dreams come true.

"Fall is coming, and with it brings cool air, changing leaves, and my absolute favorite pumpkin pie from Costco!" the post explained. "I seriously can never get enough of this pie, especially with its flaky crust and delicious taste."

I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed when I found out the pie came from Costco and didn't weigh 40 pounds — I just assumed that it would be a 40-pound pumpkin pie that would double as a kiddie pool or something. But it is pretty big — weighing in at 3.63 pounds, at least that's what it says on the sticker on the pie in the post. In fact, it supposedly feeds up to 12 people, according to Delish — so it's a pretty darn big pie. And you get all of that for about $5.99. Prices can vary depending on location, but @CostcoBuys really managed to bag a bargain with this one.

With Costco selling pumpkin pie, it feels like fall is officially here. In fact, you could have a mini-Thanksgiving every single day between now and the end of November, with pumpkin pie to top it all off. Every. Single. Day. You could do that... I'm not saying you should, but you definitely could.

It's also nice to see a celebration of the good old pumpkin pie rather than pumpkin spice everything. There are plenty of non-pumpkin spice flavors that deserve a little more love this time of year, whether that's actual pumpkin, apples, maple, or just gallons of Halloween candy.

It's been good to see some movement in that direction with certain brands. Even with the tsunami of pumpkin spice heading our way, there have still been sightings of winners like Maple Cream Oreos, a personal favorite of mine — and Burger King is even offering Maple Waffle Sandwiches. Oh, and Dairy Queen's Pumpkin Pie Blizzard was definitely a nod to the classic treat. We've also seen leaps ahead into the winter holiday flavor palate, with Haagen-Dazs' Peppermint Bark Ice Cream making a return this year — something I am very excited about indeed. Basically, if you choose to look around, you'll see a whole lot of classic flavor combinations that are perfect for fall, you just need to come out of your pumpkin spice daze and know where to look.

But Costco certainly does know how to make delicious treats the right way — so seeing a classic pumpkin pie from them is a huge win. Sure, it isn't actually pool-sized like I originally anticipated, but is a hefty chunk of pie that can feed up to 12 people. And, if you buy it and eat it now, it won't taste like your family screaming at each other over the Thanksgiving dinner table. We all know that eating pie alone is the true blessing of this season, so it's time to enjoy.