You Can Get Heart-Shaped Ravioli Stuffed With 4 Cheeses At Costco Right Now

Valentine’s Day food is normally geared toward the sweet-toothed among us. We’ve got truffles and candy, maybe even chocolate fondue if you’re feeling really fancy or if you just love eating things off of sticks to add a sense of danger into your life. In fact, if you wanted, Valentine’s Day could be fueled on nothing but sugar, from morning until night. But what about the savory lovers? We don’t see nearly enough Valentine’s Day pizzas or heart-shaped BLTs flying around — until now. The world has smiled upon cheese lovers and introduced Costco's heart-shaped ravioli. The ravioli is blessed with not just one cheese or two cheeses or three cheeses — it's four damn cheeses in an orgy of dairy and happiness. That’s right, you’ve got your ricotta, you’ve got your mozzarella, you’ve got your parmesan and asiago — and all of them are packaged in some delicious looking red ravioli hearts, as well as some natural pasta colored ravioli hearts. Yin and yang, coming together in perfect harmony.

The costcobuys Instagram account found these delicious lovelies and it seems that, in true Costco style, they are giving you double your pleasure, double your cheesy fun. The raviolis come in two 20 oz packages, priced at $9.79. That means you can have one for you and one for your partner this Valentine’s Day. Or two for you this Valentine’s Day. Or just stock the eff up and live on nothing but heart-shaped ravioli until February 14 when you eventually explode with cheesy goodness because you are now the ravioli. Whichever sounds good for you.

Although the packaging says you can make your own sauce with a recipe they include, you can just smother this in any pesto, marinara, or Alfredo sauce you desire — or just douse it in shredded cheese and olive oil, which is how I eat pretty much everything.

It's so good to see someone embracing the savory-lovers' needs this Valentine's Day, but if you are someone with a sweet tooth then fear not — there are plenty of heart-shaped options for you. In fact, pretty much every day the release of a new Valentine's Day candy comes to grace us with its sweet potential. From heart-shaped Reese's Puffs to heart-shaped Sour Patch kids to heart-shaped Swedish Fish to heart-shaped Starburst Jelly Beans, there's an embarrassment of riches in the candy department. If you'd rather stay in the savory lane, Aldi has some heart-shaped cheeses that could tickle your tastebuds — maybe before you indulge on some ravioli? Or on top of the ravioli? Mashed into the ravioli? I don't think there's any wrong way to eat heart-shaped cheese, to be honest.

There's no sign yet of how long the heart-shaped cheesy ravioli will be on shelves for, but it seems safe to guess that it's limited to the run up to Valentine's Day. If you're looking to spend Valentine's Day in, either solo or with a partner, it seems like a pretty good way to celebrate. In fact, with all of the heart-shaped delights on offer, you could dedicate yourself to eating nothing but heart-shaped food for the entire freakin' day.