CoverFX's Glow Getter Set Is Back But Not For Long

Summer is here, and the makeup trends are changing. While fuller coverage, matte looks may have been perfect for fall and winter, warmer weather often means that a dewy glow is in. Thankfully, CoverFX's Glow Getter Set is coming back, and it's going to give you the lit from within look that is so on trend right now. While trends do come and go, there's one that's been consistently at the forefront of makeup for some time now, and that's highlighting. With CoverFX's Glow Getter, you'll be completely ready to embrace the trend.

What's in CoverFX's Glow Getter set, though? It's filled with one of their most iconic products. The set contains six shades of the brand's well-loved Custom Enhancer Drops. The incredibly pigmented liquid highlights are favorites among YouTube beauty gurus — and myself — and now, you can stop up on them thanks to the Glow Getter set. However, you should act fast because it won't be around long.

The set is only back for Memorial Day Weekend, and it's discounted from its typical $252 price tag to only $199. That means fans are only paying roughly $33 per liquid highlight, and given their original retail price of $42 per product, that's a total steal.

Not only is the Glow Getter Set a total steal once the price is broken down, but these beauties will have you totally on trend. Ever since strobing became all the rage, people can't seem to get enough of a glow. Considering that strobing originally rose to popularity in 2015, this trend is clearly here to stay.

Affordable and trendy are only two reasons to buy this beauty, though. The other? How limited it is. The collection of liquid highlighters is available Memorial Day weekend from May 26-May 29, and once the holiday ends, there's no telling when or if it will ever come back. To put it simply, get it now, or you may never snag it at all.

If you want to purchase the CoverFX Glow Getter Box Set, head over to the CoverFX website now. This limited, discounted, on trend bundle may not last long, and who doesn't want to embrace a summer glow?