5 Highlighters The Internet Will Obsess Over


You could say that 2016 was the year of the highlighter; beauty babes became obsessed with making their faces look radiantly iridescent. If you got caught up in the after glow, you may want to know about highlighters the internet is going to be obsessed with, so you can be leading the beauty revolution to come. That, and you won't have to wait an eternity for the most sought after highlighters to get restocked.

One might argue that the Prism rainbow colored highlighter by Bitter Lace Beauty, started the dreamy highlighter trend — these babies appeared to be more in demand than a Furby during the holidays in the 1990s. Of course, the beauty giants caught on quick and it wasn't long before Wet N Wild's Rainbow Highlighter hit stores (and consequently sold out fast) and Forever 21 released a rainbow highlighter too.

If you thought that enchanting highlighters would be taking a nose dive in popularity, think again. January 2017 saw the release of Lancôme's La Rose a Poudrer — basically, a beautiful rose-shaped highlighter — that at the time of writing, is currently out of stock at Sad times.

But don't worry! In order to get ahead of the glow game, I spoke with a bunch of beauty experts to get the lowdown on the must-have highlighters that the internet is going to be obsessed with.

1. Moisturizer Highlighters

Hydra Beauty Flash Instantly Hydrating Perfecting Balm, $55,

Honey Artists makeup artist Azra Red, tells Bustle over email, “Moisturizers with highlighters will be a huge hit.” This will certainly make your morning routine faster.

“I also like highlighters with moisturizing properties such as Glossier Flavored Balm Dotcom or Chanel Hydra Beauty Flash Balm. These products give beautiful glow and moisture. I also use them throughout the day for a pick-me-up effect," says Min Min Ma, Honey Artists makeup artist, in an email to Bustle.

2. Concealer Highlighters

Candleglow Concealer And Highlighter, $32,

“We'll be seeing more and more hybrid highlighters," says Min Min Ma. "Time is precious and no one has hours to spend on their makeup. I love seeing highlighters combined with concealers such as the new Laura Mercier Candleglow Highlighter and Concealer and it does exactly what it claims. And let's not forget YSL Touche Éclat Concealer which started the whole trend,” she elaborates.

3. SPF Highlighters

Radical Skincare Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30, $55,

Red believes that SPF with light reflecting pigments will soon be popular, "I love Radical SPF and use it on ALL my clients,” she says.

4. Makeup Trend Led Highlighters

Metalmorphosis 005 Everything Kit, $165 (currently unavailable,)

Kristine Cruz, Senior Makeup Artist at Antonio Prieto Salon, tells Bustle over email, “I don’t have a particular brand in mind, but If I did, it would co-exist with an artist's creative talent and upcoming 2017 makeup trends, such as highlighting with play on oils, shimmer, metals, and fun colors. Highlighting with pigmented metals like Pat Mcgrath's Metalmorphosis 005."

5. Gold & Diamond Powder Highlighters

24K Gold Highlighting Powder, $21.05,

“Anything with gold and diamond powder to reflect light. It is a flattering fresh look for any skin type,” says Red. Well, Rihanna sings we should all shine bright like a diamond, so who are we to argue?

Take note of these highlighter trends to ensure you stay ethereal, glowing, and on-trend!

Images: Courtesy Brands