This Is The One Sex Position You Need To Try This Month

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Finally, finally, winter is coming to an end, and — even though March can be pretty unpredictable — it's so nice to know that we'll soon be leaving the cold, gloomy weather behind in favor of the many months of warm, sunny weather ahead. But it's not just the weather that gets hotter with the season change: there's an exciting, refreshing, romantic energy about spring — and what better way to channel that newfound energy than by trying out some hot new sex positions with your partner?

"As spring gets closer and the days get longer, we start to lose that winter gloom and perk up to embrace the warm weather," Rachel Hoffman, LCSW, Sex Therapist at the Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy, tells Bustle. "In general, people are just happier. That should certainly play out in the bedroom."

While there's nothing wrong with some cozy, intimate, winter sex, in the springtime, our sunny new dispositions bring the opportunity for more adventurous, bold sex — and there's one position that's perfect for getting back into the groove. "The cowgirl position is a pleasurable, overlooked position that is great for a couple to start off the spring," Hoffman says. "[This] position allows an individual control over the pace and depth of insertion. However, more importantly than that, the cowgirl position enables the partner to stimulate the clitoris with their hand or a vibrator."

Why Cowgirl Is The Perfect Position For Early Spring

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In the winter, it's easy to fall into a rut of having lazy, low-energy sex — because who wants to waste their precious energy when they can just curl up and spoon instead? But come springtime, the promise of warm weather entices us out of our sexual shells, and makes us want to heat things up in the bedroom, too.

If you want to trade in your spooning sessions for something sexier and more energetic, cowgirl is a great position to ease you into spring. "This position, although it seems simple in nature, can really provide optimal pleasure for both partners, which is an incredible way to start off the spring," Hoffman says.

Cowgirl might sound like a ~basic~ position, but just because it's a classic doesn't mean it should fall off your sexual radar... because it has serious orgasm potential. But what is it that makes cowgirl so dang hot? According to Hoffman, the sexy forward-and-back motion of cowgirl plays a huge part in its appeal.

"This can be extremely sexy and can also help [the top partner] feel powerful and confident," Hoffman says. "Meanwhile the bottom partner can observe the sexiness of the body, watching 'the rider' get aroused, which can create an even heightened orgasm. This is also an optimal position for the bottom partner to grab the butt and legs of the top partner, moving it simultaneously. This flow of a movement gives both partners an opportunity to optimally connect with one another."

How To Spice Things Up In Cowgirl

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As far as the classic sex positions go, cowgirl is one that really never gets old because it's just so versatile. Aside from having tons of potential for pleasure, another added bonus of the cowgirl position is that you can do it practically anywhere, which means you can get as adventurous as you want — even taking your romp outside if the weather permits.

"[Cowgirl] is easy to try outside the bedroom, which can be extremely enticing," Hoffman says. "While cooking dinner, things might get hot and heavy. Why not move the makeout over to the kitchen table (as long as it's sturdy)? Riding your partner on the table was probably not the intention of the kitchen but can certainly help with the heat."

And on the off chance you get bored of "traditional" cowgirl, there are plenty of ways to spice up the position: you can flip around and try reverse cowgirl, add toys into the mix, or even try it on a chair or couch. Plus, if you're into playing with power dynamics, cowgirl is a great position to experiment in. "Handcuffing the bottom partner to a bed is another way to give that extra flare to the cowgirl position," Hoffman says. "Adding a dominant/submissive dynamic to the position can create added pleasure and excitement to the experience."

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Honestly, if you ask me, there's no bad way to have sex in cowgirl — so if you're looking for the perfect take-charge position to experiment with to help start your spring off right, make sure you put cowgirl at the top of your list.