8 Last-Minute Halloween Party Ideas That Don't Suck

Halloween is the perfect time to throw an epic monster's ball, and invite all of your favorite ghosts and ghouls over for a scary celebration. If you want to throw a bash no one will forget, these creative last-minute Halloween 2017 party ideas for adults can give you some spooky inspiration for your ghoulish get together. Halloween is the one time a year, aside from New Year's Eve, where you're actually encouraged to go all out with costumes, decorations, and themes. While picking a theme might feel overwhelming, take a second to think about the things you love most about Halloween, and the things you like best about pop culture, and start there.

For example, if you're a diehard American Horror Story fan, consider basing your theme around that. Same thing with Game of Thrones, or any other show that lends itself to going overboard with crazy costumes. Next, plan your decorations, and instruct your guests to dress the part. Have a favorite decade? Consider a '20s, '70s, '80s, or '90s themed Halloween party, and choose music and decorations to match.

The best part about Halloween is getting to dress up like someone else, you know — probably kind of how Lady Gaga feels every time she goes on stage. Think big for your 2017 Halloween bash; here's some inspiration to get your started.

1. American Horror Story Halloween

If you follow American Horror Story at all then you know that the dearly departed characters can only leave the place they died one day a year — Halloween, which makes this a fitting Halloween party theme. Pick a season, or just make it a general AHS Halloween bash, and let people come dressed as characters from "Murder House," "Asylum," "Coven," "Freak Show," "Hotel," or "Roanoke." If you go this route consider making each room represent a different season. Somebody please do this, and invite me!

2. Have A Scary Movie Marathon

If you want to plan a more subtle Halloween party, consider a scary movie marathon. Personally, I like the older movies like The Shining, the original Halloween, and Poltergeist. Maybe you should make it a sleep over since no one is likely to get any sleep after watching movies about madness, psycho killers, and evil spirits.

3. Host A Real Live Fright Night

If you've always wanted to try some spooky Halloween games, this is the year to throw a party just for that purpose — if you're brave enough to welcome that kind of energy into your house. Invite a group of friends, and plan to use the Ouija Board, try Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board, Bloody Mary, and the Triple Mirror Game. You might also want to ask a few friends to spend the night because you're bound to be spooked after an evening of conjuring spirits.

4. Murder Mystery Party

If Clue is one of your favorite board games ever, a murder mystery party is the perfect solution to your Halloween party conundrum. You can download everything you need to plan a murder mystery party from Night of Mystery. Choose a theme, assign roles, plan the menu, and more. This is one party that will have people talking long after its over.

5. Halloween Movie Trivia Potluck

If trivia is your jam, a Halloween movie trivia party is the perfect way to test your knowledge of everything scary and supernatural in cinema. You can download free scary movie trivia games from The Balance, which means all you have to do is invite the people, ask everyone to bring a dish, and instruct them to show up in a costume.

6. Halloween Charades Party

If you and your friends like to perform, Halloween charades is a fun way to spend the night without conjuring up any evil spirits. You play this just like regular charades, but all of the answers are Halloween themed. If you get stumped for ideas, Holidappy has got you covered.

7. The Walking Dead Party

If zombies are a frequent topic of conversation among your group of friends, then the The Walking Dead Halloween party is obviously for you. Ask everyone to come dressed as a zombie, serve zombie-themed food, and play zombie drinking games that includes taking a shot every time someone asks “Where’s Carl?”

8. Throw A Black & Orange Ball

If you've always wanted to have an elegant, fancy costume party like the kind Blair Waldorf frequents on Gossip Girl, the Black & Orange ball is for you. This is kind of like having prom at your house, but your decorations are black and orange, and everyone gets glam in their best duds, and a fancy face mask.

Happy Halloween!

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