Magda Supports Cynthia Nixon For Governor, Partially Because “Women Are The Smartest"

New Line Cinema

As her Ukrainian housekeeper and nanny on Sex and the City, Magda supported Miranda through thick and thin. Now, in a true life-imitating-art kind of moment, the actor who played Magda is supporting Cynthia Nixon as she runs for governor in New York state.

In an interview with The Cut published on March 24, Lynn Cohen — who starred as Magda in Seasons 3 through 6 on Sex and the City, as well as in the series' big-screen feature and sequel — said that Nixon's the real deal, and that her passion about her platforms is sincere.

“She’s an amazing person," Cohen told The Cut, "and she’s been talking about the schools and the children and I wish we had more people like that who are interested in the government."

"I also think we need women," Cohen continued. "You look at the government now and you think, where are the women? … Women are the smartest, let’s face it.” Can't argue with that.

In her first episode as Magda on Sex and the City, Cohen's character provided Miranda with a little bit of, um, unsolicited "advice." While cleaning her apartment in Season 3's "Attack of the 5'10" Woman," Magda takes it upon herself to replace Miranda's bedside vibrator with a Virgin Mary statuette. Subtle.

As Magda and Miranda spend more time together, though, Magda becomes an irreplaceable constant in Miranda's life. She does way more than just convincing Miranda that she needs a rolling pin, or that she should replace her coffee habit with tea. Magda helps Miranda realize that she and Steve (played by David Eigenberg) are meant to be, and later, after baby Brady is born, Magda helps Miranda adjust to motherhood, and serves as caretaker for Steve's live-in mother, Mary, after she suffers a stroke.

Now, off-screen, Magda — I mean, Cohen — is voicing her support for Miranda — I mean, Nixon — as she campaigns for the chance to take care of other women, children, and the entirety of New York state.

Cohen told The Cut, “I don’t think she’s ambitious in a political way, she really is involved in making life better for other people: for children, for people who don’t have it. You don’t see too many politicians like that.”

Cohen isn't the only former Sex and the City star singing Nixon's praises, though. Kristin Davis (who played Charlotte York) revealed that she'd donated to Nixon's campaign, encouraged her Twitter followers to do the same, and voiced her earnest support on Instagram by re-sharing Nixon's campaign video.

"@cynthiaenixon is stepping up to run for Governor of NY," Davis captioned the post. "I am thrilled to support her and I know that she cares deeply about the issues facing all of us. I’m so proud of her and I know she will work tirelessly to create change for all who need representation."

Eigenberg (Steve) took to Twitter for Nixon's run as well, writing, "Happy to see my friend running to help all the great folks of NY state! #NIXON4NY A wonderful and smart and most of all ...deeply ethical person. Go forward Cynthia, Serving the people of New York #education!"

Most recently, on March 29, Carrie Bradshaw herself, Sarah Jessica Parker, endorsed Nixon via Instagram. "@cynthiaenixon. A mother. An activist. An advocate. A fighter. A NY'er. A dear friend. Running for Governor of our great state," Parker wrote. "My sister on and off screen, you have my love, support and vote."

The last remaining member of the Sex and the City foursome of friends, Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), hasn't voiced her support yet for Nixon, per se, but Cattrall did respond to one of her followers on Twitter who asked her what she thought of Nixon deciding to run. "I support & respect any former colleague’s right to make their own career choices," she wrote.

Nixon is clearly beloved by many of her former Sex and the City co-stars. Will New York state feel the same way? Stay tuned.