Cynthia Nixon Is Running For N.Y. Governor & Twitter Is Going ALL IN With The Miranda References

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Monday, Cynthia Nixon made a huge announcement: She's running for New York state governor. Nixon will be running as a Democrat against fellow Democrat and incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the state's September primary election. Of course, some fans are praising Nixon's run for governor with tweets and memes, especially ones related to Sex and the City. Many fans of the show are overjoyed that the woman who they adored as Miranda Hobbes in the HBO hit series is taking on a much larger political role.

In Nixon's announcement video, she says, "We want our government to work again, on healthcare, ending mass incarceration, fixing our broken subway. We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us." In August 2017, The Wall Street Journal reported there was a chance Nixon could run for governor. In March, Politico reported the 51-year-old was continuing to "explore" a potential run for governor.

At the time of Politico's report, her publicist, Rebecca Capellan, said in a statement: "Many concerned New Yorkers have been encouraging Cynthia to run for office, and as she has said previously, she will continue to explore it. If and when such a decision is made, Cynthia will be sure to make her plans public."

Well, that's exactly what she did Monday. Her passion for politics, her state, and its residents has Nixon's supporters shouting from the rooftops. And when it comes to Nixon and this next step in her life, how can SATC fans not compare it to Miranda? They are one in the same with being badass, powerful women, who want more from life.

Here's how some SATC fans are reacting to the news:

She's Awake & Raring To Go

Her time has finally come.

How Many Are Referring To Her Now

And of course including some of Miranda's best quotes.

Her Name Will Be All Over New York

This really is a special bridge.

Miranda Is Upping Her Game

From lawyer to governor. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

This Would've Impacted SATC Majorly

The only thing that would make a third potential movie worthwhile — maybe.

This Calls For Pizza

Pizza makes everything better.

Who's Her "Chief Of Sandwich"?

A nice callback to this scene with Miranda and the man wearing a sandwich costume.

It's A Great Feeling

Heartwarming, to say the least.

She's Changing Celebs' Roles In Politics

Celebrities receive a lot of criticism for talking politics and wanting to run. And on top of that another certain New Yorker ran for a big role with some very surprising results... This fan thinks Nixon could "change the narrative."

She's The Only One Capable

There are a lot of people hoping Nixon can fix the subway.

And For Anyone Who Forgot...

This is the power Nixon had as Miranda, and many fans hope it's a sign of what she could do as governor.

You can tell how ready and excited she is to take on her candidacy for governor. It means a lot to her. Like she said in her announcement video, which also features her wife, Christine Marinoni, and children, "I love New York. I've never wanted to live anywhere else, but something has to change."

For years, Nixon has advocated on behalf of the LGBTQ community and has shined a light on issues within the education system. Billy Easton, executive director of the Alliance for Quality Education, which Nixon has served as a spokesperson for in New York, told People in August 2017: "As a public school Mom and a member of the Alliance for Quality Education, Cynthia has consistently been on the front line in the fight for our public schools. She knows her way around New York State politics, is a very thoughtful and intelligent leader and brings a pizzazz that would really excite voters."

Well, she certainly seems to be doing just that with SATC fans and supporters of her politics who can't wait to get to the polls in September.