Dany Just Made Fun Of Jon Snow On 'GoT' & Twitter Is Living For It

Helen Sloan/HBO

Fans have been living for the possibility of a Jon Snow and Daenerys relationship on Game of Thrones ever since (and well before) the two of them finally came face to face this season. But, initially, Dany shot down the idea of a relationship with Jon in a most savage way, and Twitter was absolutely living for it.

Tyrion confronted the Mother of Dragons telling her that Jon Snow is sweet on her. Of course, being the strong independent boss that she is, Dany was not about to just swoon at the thought of a man's flattery. When Tyrion lightly suggested that the two of them might be a pretty great pairing, Dany just turned to face him and uttered a savage burn in response. She replied, "He's too little for me." Not only is this a burn on Jon the character, but it was a kind of funny nod to Kit Harington himself, who is supposedly 5'8" according to Google, and who is frequently dwarfed on the red carpet by his heels-wearing co-stars. Not that he is that short or that being short is a bad thing (it wasn't even a deal breaker for Dany in the end), but it was a funny moment for Game of Thrones fans watching. They were quick to take to Twitter to react.

Some Thought She Was Too Hasty

Some Brought Up Past Relationships

Some Pointed Out Other The Relationship Deal Breakers

Some Fully Agreed

And Some Compared Her To Women On Tinder

People on dating apps have weirdly specific height requirements.

But, height aside, Dany eventually came around on Jon Snow... maybe because she finally saw those abs.