This ‘Lion King’ Bag Line Will Make You Chant "Hakuna Matata" All The Way To The Theater

There are only so many luxury bag designers that create masterful pieces that are inspired by nostalgic pop culture — and Danielle Nicole is one of them. With the live-action premiere (and Beyonce) underway, the Danielle Nicole Lion King collection that just launched is a great way to get even more hyped for the film (as if fans aren't already quaking).

If you’re not up to speed on the magic behind Danielle Nicole bags, the designer has already created purses, backpacks, and totes inspired by other Disney franchises like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Toy Story. The bag designer is back at it again, celebrating the live-action Lion King movie set to premiere July 19 with five adorable bags inspired by the original animated characters.

Lion King lovers are set up with a line of clutches, backpacks, crossbody bags, and belt bags with designs that could make any bag lover coo over their cuteness. From images of baby Simba and Timon and Pumbaa to silhouettes of a lion cub gracing the cover of select bags, the collection is immersed in references from the film and also beautiful tribal prints.

There’s no wait time to snatch any one of these cool bags as they’re already on sale on retailing between $45 and $78. However, select products in the collection won't ship until July 15, so shoppers may not have it on their doorsteps in time for the premiere.

Take a look at every bag in this adorable line to get you styling for the film.

Danielle Nicole Lion King Cub Belt Bag

Packs for the fanny are having a moment right now, and this one is dazzling gold and shimmery metallic lion cub embroidery on the front. The $58 bag features a beautiful African print as a backdrop for the cub with cobalt blue faux leather.

Danielle Nicole Lion King Cub Wristlet

On days where being the bag person is not an option, this handy wristlet will be the go-to pick. Carrying only the absolute essentials, this African print lion cub wristlet is designed with a cute tassel and red glittery pouch retailing for $45.

Danielle Nicole Lion King Cub Backpack

The only backpack in the collection is actually fierce AF. The all black faux leather bag pops against the bright yellow trim outline and African print embroidered throughout. Users can adjust the backpack straps and are afforded an interior zip pocket and two slip pockets for safekeepings.

Danielle Nicole Lion King Simba Diecut Crossbody

For fans who want a little more memorabilia replicative of the animated film, Danielle Nicole offers up this baby Simba crossbody bag. Derived from the scene where Simba sings the "I Just Can't Wait to be King" number, Nicole creates this cute $68 bag featuring the young cub's glittery red headpiece.

Danielle Nicole Timon & Pumbaa 2 in 1 Tote

This collection wouldn't be complete without featuring Simba's two best wingmen, so fans are getting a 2 in 1 tote that features Timon striking a smirk on one side, and Pumbaa smiling on the other. Even in fashion, this meerkat and warthog a one packaged deal.

Whether you're a fan of the Lion King or not (cue side eye), there's no denying that any one of these pieces are dope enough to earn a spot in your bag collection.