Daniel's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Jokes Will Disgust You

Daniel may have only returned to Bachelor In Paradise at the end of Monday night's episode, but it's already pretty obvious that he's the same guy he was last summer — and that's not necessarily a good thing. Just a few minutes into Tuesday night's edition, Daniel was already causing fans to roll their eyes, face palm, or both as he talked to and about the women of the cast like he'd never met a woman before in his life. Daniel's one-liners and jokes on Bachelor in Paradise weren't cute, and if he wants to stick around, that's a major change he'll have to make.

To start, he called the Bachelor in Paradise women "scraps" left over for him, as if they were totally undeserving of his attention. He also joked that he hadn't had a date "since Caitlyn Jenner was a man," which is transphobic and not funny. Then there was his conversation with Christen where he asked her if she was a virgin as if that was any of his business. Later he made sexual jokes and noises while standing over her while she was eating. All of it was so cringeworthy and inappropriate. Even though Daniel is clearly meant to be in Paradise as the comic relief — it's just not funny. He shouldn't be talking to women this way, even as a joke. And, Twitter couldn't agree more.

People Were Upset With His Comments About The Women

And Asked Why He Keeps Getting Invited Back

But Mostly, People Were Just Disgusted

Hopefully, he improves as the season goes on, or there's a fair chance he's going to have a hard time collecting roses now that it's the ladies' turn to give them out at the next rose ceremony. Get it together, Daniel. There's already been enough uncomfortableness this season as it is.