Danny Dyer's Reaction To Dani Dyer On 'Love Island' Will Give You All The Feels

Dani Dyer / Instagram

As someone who lives far away from their family, I can tell you that the struggle is hard. Homesickness and FOMO is real. But like, imagine watching them on telly and not being able to actually speak to them because they don't even have their phone? Ugh devved. Well it turns out one celeb patriarch was totally feeling that pain, and it is giving us all the feels. And what causes more emotions than most shows? Why Love Island of course, and Danny Dyer's reaction to Dani Dyer on Love Island is so effing cute.

AWWWW famalam vibes. Anyhow, so the man himself, Daddy Dyer, I mean Danny Dyer, appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show and was super open about how soppy he is and how much he struggled with the lack of contact while Dani was in the villa.

"It is hard work, mate. I was sobbing my heart out every night. I’m a sensitive soul," he told the host. The reality of the reality TV genre is that like, they actually are fully cut off, a fact that he kind of wasn't really ready for. "I said goodbye to her, they took her blower off her and I’m watching her on the telly like everyone else."

During his appearance on the show, Danny was very open regarding his initial disdain for the very concept of the show, and that he advised her to maybe not go to the villa. He told Ross,

"She is a beautiful little soul. I did tell her not to do, but I got it wrong."

His concerns were totally understandable, especially as like, he revealed that she is a fairly vulnerable person. I mean I guess all dads think that about their kids don't they? But he believes that his hard man image might actually have made people think that she is a lot tougher than she actually is. Dyer explained,

"She is quite a vulnerable little thing and I think she showed that vulnerability. She is a normal kid. I think people because of me had a perception of her but she is anything but that.

Well, he also said he said to her, "If you’re going to do it, win it", and that she flipping did, taking the prize and the nations' hearts with boyfriend Jack Fincham. A couple who then broke the nations' hearts by only blimmin' announcing their break up. A break up which, according to Danny, was just a little blip. And then the whole devastating mess of heartache and chaos was absolutely wiped clean when Dani confirmed, it was a break, not a break up. Oh hello Ross and Rachel vibes.

On her Instagram account, Dani shared a super lovey-dovey picture of the pair with the caption, "Just want to put all comments to bed. All I can say is I’m still 22 trying to get my shit together and grow into a woman but doing it in the public eye is sometimes hard and scary 😂 but arguments are arguments and I love him."

Well thank effing eff for that because y'all, the world is a dark and dreary place, and it is important to remember that love is real, and also that Danny Dyer cries at the telly.