This Is The Real Explanation For The 'Strictly' Curse, According To Darcey Bussell

by Emily Dixon
Ray Burmiston/BBC

At this point in Strictly Come Dancing's history, the Strictly curse is almost as big a mainstay as the glitterball trophy. Every series, a couple is apparently forged or destroyed on the dancefloor, as the sweaty allure of the dance studio lays waste to any outside commitments a celebrity or professional may have. This year, of course, it was Seann Walsh and Katya Jones who made headlines — but why is Strictly such a fertile ground for heartbreak? During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Darcey Bussell explained the Strictly Come Dancing curse — and it sounds like it's all pretty straightforward.

It took a bit of prodding on Norton's behalf to get an opinion out of the ever demure Bussell, a guest on the show alongside Jason Momoa, Bill Bailey, and Little Mix. "There’s been an awful lot of scandal," Norton began, to which Bussell responded, "Well, probably no more than there usually is." (Does that mean there's constant drama behind the scenes, Darcey?) Norton then opted for a more direct approach, asking, "Next year, if they’re trying to get a married person to compete in it, what tips would you give them to not have something unfortunate happen?" But still, the former Royal Ballet star demurred. "Well, I’m only there to judge," she said. Darcey! Can you please just deliver us the gossip?

Finally, Bussell offered her take on the Strictly curse — and from her perspective, it's not all that mysterious. "I think it’s just an unusual thing for people, when they think somebody’s being tactile, they’re obviously coming on to them, where actually that’s our job as dancers, to be tactile," Bussell said. "It’s not abnormal for us, but people get the wrong idea."

She continued, "You’re being held a lot, and partnered, and manoeuvred, and so I suppose if it’s really unusual for somebody to be in that sort of company, or be that close to somebody, they take it the wrong way."

Ray Burmiston/BBC

Photos of comedian Seann Walsh and his professional partner Katya Jones kissing made the headlines in October, after which Walsh's then-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries posted a powerful statement on Twitter, calling out his "inappropriate, hurtful behaviour" and stating, "I am not a victim." Walsh took to Twitter to give his "sincere apologies" for the kiss and insisted it was a "one-off drunken mistake." Jones echoed his sentiment and tweeted an apology for "any offence or hurt I may have caused with my actions," adding, "I love my husband [fellow Strictly professional Neil Jones] and we are very happy together." Though the pair stuck it out another week on the show, they've reportedly been banned from the Strictly live tour.

According to Digital Spy, Walsh and Jones have since reunited in rehearsals for tonight's grand final, along with the rest of this year's cast. Will Stacey Dooley, Joe Sugg, Ashley Roberts, or Faye Tozer finally lift that glitterball? Let's hope the only drama on tonight's show is the battle to be crowned Strictly champion.