Dean Would Have Been “Dean Lindsay” If He Married Rachel

ABC/Josh Vertucci

It's still so tough to think about Rachel Lindsay sending Dean Unglert home from The Bachelorette when they had such a strong connection. Plus, it didn't hurt to have him on the show since he's attractive, has a cute giggle, and keeps it real. Well, even though he's been cast off and sent to Paradise, get ready to be even more impressed by Dean. While filling in for Ben Higgins on the Almost Famous Podcast with Ashley Iaconetti, Dean said that he wants to take his future wife's last name.

After discussing the difficulties of having a tough to pronounce last name (something they can both relate to), Ashley said, "You actually told me that you want to take your wife's last name because you're desperate to get rid of 'Unglert.'"

Dean then corrected Ashley's interpretation of their conversation and set the record straight. "It's not that I'm desperate to get rid of it, I just think that it's a bit chauvinistic to expect a woman to take the husband's last name," he explained. Thank you, Dean. So true.

Dean added, "I have two older brothers. They can [carry] the lineage on."

When asked if he would have been "Dean Lindsay" if he got Rachel's final rose and ended up marrying her, Dean confirmed without hesitation: "I would have been Dean Lindsay. Absolutely."

Throughout his time on The Bachelorette, Dean has proven that he is not someone who will be confined to expected standards. He has his own opinions and is open to exploring new situations. He made it clear that he is not afraid to speak out if someone is being treated unfairly when he called out Lee's actions to producers. He denounced people who made fun of his father's religion and appearance on social media even though the two are very much estranged. Also, when he has a misstep, like with his recent Instagram drama, he's quick to think about what he could have done better and apologize. Just when it seems like Dean couldn't possibly get any more lovable, he demonstrates (yet again) just how open-minded he can be.

Sure, it's understandable why someone, a man or a woman, would want to carry on their last name to future generations, but it's just very refreshing to hear Dean so casually say that he's open to taking his wife's last name. Just because it has become expected for women to take their husband's last name, that's not how it has to be. It's great that Dean is so comfortable with this alternative possibility and with discussing it in a public way, so other people can consider it, too.