Dean From ‘Bachelor Winter Games' Has a Clothing Line & The Theme Is PERFECT

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Former Bachelor and Bacherlette alums get a bad rep for their seeming reliance on sponsored Instagram content to keep the cash flowing. Given that many of them seem to leave jobs to be on the show, they've got to make money somehow. Bachelor Winter Games' Dean Unglert and his clothing line are doing the whole post-Bachelor thing in a different way, and honestly, the theme and charitable bent behind his duds are kind of perfect.

Unglert first became a popular contestant on Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's season. With a seemingly troubled life at home, the loss of his mother in his teen years, and a sweet nature, fans soon fell in love. Ultimately, however, Lindsay did not, and he was eliminated.

He soon, however, found his place on Bachelor in Paradise where his relationships with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard caused fans to lose more than a little bit of faith in the contest.

Now, though, Unglert is back on television screens thanks to The Bachelor Winter Games , and he's romancing fellow contestant Lesley Murphy. His appearance may just get him back in the good graces of Bachelor Nations, and if his appearance there won't, his adorable, puppy-themed clothing line just may.

Unglert has been using the handle Deanie Babies (presumably a Beanie Babies reference) on social media during his time on various Bachelor shows, and now the name is the official moniker of his clothing line, but you shouldn't expect stuffed animals coming out of Unglert's brand. It's all about the doggos for the reality television star.

Deanie Babies Bull Terrier Raglan, $38, Deanie Babies

On the site, you'll find casual tanks, tees, raglans, and the occasional bacon onesie. What makes them special, though? The adorable theme. The shirts feature cartoon images of different breeds of dogs. Bull Terriers, Shiba Inu, Dalmations, and Border Collies decorate the low key styles, and honestly they're so adorable.

Dalmation Women's Tee, $34, Deanie Babies

As for the prices, they're not that bad. The most expensive item on the website is a 'Flamin Hot' onesie (seemingly inspired by Cheetos) that retails for $98. Other than that, however, tanks and tees retail for $34 while ragalns will cost you $38.

Flamin Hot Onesie, $98, Deanie Babies

In terms of sizing, women's items extend from size small to size XXL, and men's tees feature the same range. While there could be more options added here, it's a decent start for the new brand from the Bachelor star.

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As it turns out, Unglert has been wearing the shirts at appearances, and while on Winter Games. In fact, Unglert wore the shirt this week, and Twitter immediately wanted to know where it was from.

Of course, Unglert obliged his fans and let them know that the shirt is from none other than, well, him.

It's hard to deny how cute the merch is.

Soon requests started coming in for different types of pups.

The shirts aren't just a creative outlet or money making brand for Unglert, though. It's also got a charitable bent and another reality show connection that you may recognize.

Deanie Babies donates a portion of the proceeds from sales to none other than Vanderpump Dogs. Yes, that Vanderpump. The organization was founded by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd. The foundation doesn't just serve as an adoption service, though. They also help counter domestic issues facing our animals friends by raising awareness about overpopulation, abuse, and neglect.

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If you love pups, Unglert, or both, the Bachelor Winter Games star's clothing line may just be your new must-have. Here's hoping for more pup shirts soon.