Dean’s Instagram About Kristina Will Make ‘BiP’ Fans Even More Annoyed

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Paul Hebert

It has been heartbreaking watching Dean Unglert go from America's sweetheart on The Bachelorette to America's disappointment on Bachelor in Paradise after playing Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard. Of course, BiP was filmed weeks ago, but now Dean has posted in response to the latest episode on social media. On Monday night, Dean posted an Instagram about Kristina, but it's just too little, too late when it comes to getting back into her good graces.

Following the September 4 episode of BiP, Dean posted a picture of himself with Kristina in her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky with the caption "you are out of my league." He later changed the caption to "you were out of my league," making it clear that he is speaking about their past relationship, and not saying that they have one currently. The post came after an episode in which he dumped Kristina for Danielle and still had the nerve to run out after Kristina when she decided to leave the show while Danielle was left standing inside waiting to hand out her rose to him.

After weeks of talking about his strong mental and emotional connection with Kristina in comparison to how "hot" Danielle is, Dean posts this Instagram after being shown deciding on Danielle. Kristina and Dean are not even following each other on Instagram, so why wouldn't he just talk to her directly? There was no need to put her in the spotlight again.

It could be that this is more of a message for fans than a post directed at Kristina herself, but still, it's just too little, too late. Most fans on Twitter are #TeamKristina and have been giving her an overwhelming amount of support.

Dean could have written a public apology to Kristina (and Danielle for that matter). He could have owned up to his actions and careless words. Instead he posts a caption and a photo of himself and Kristina in happier times and effectively puts her in the spotlight to react. Is she supposed to "like" the photo? Does he want her to leave a comment? Has she not been through enough?

The caption is accurate. She is out of his league, but everyone with eyes knows that. She was so patient and understanding in paradise, but he flirted with another girl in front of her the day after they spent the night together. On top of that, his constant commentary about how Danielle is the more "exciting" choice of the two even though he and Kristina had such a strong bond was disrespectful.

Dean is human and everyone makes mistakes, but putting up this Instagram with this caption while he is still "dating" Danielle on the show is in poor taste. At this point, it's hard to have much sympathy for Dean, but the cast filmed the BiP finale just last week on August 30. It could be that he has actually learned a lesson and will apologize to both Danielle and Kristina during the reunion.