The Internet Is 'Shipping Nicki Minaj & Jesse Williams In This H&M Commercial

Move over Rainbow and Dre Johnson, there's a new TV couple in town. A 12-second teaser commercial for H&M's holiday 2017 campaign has literally turned Nicki Minaj and Jesse Williams into the internet's new favorite on-screen 'ship. The clothing brand somehow managed to wow fans in less than a quarter of a minute with the new snippet which featured the Barbz in a role that no one had ever seen her in before: a mom. However, it would be the pairing of Minaj and her insanely handsome co-star, Williams, that would have fans gushing over how adorable these two look together.

Ditching the signature over-the-top garb that she's long been noted for, Minaj toned things all the way down in an oversized turtleneck sweater and low messy bun, while Williams comfortably jumped into dad mode in a burgundy striped sweater. The parental performance may have been a bit of a stretch for the rapper, who is currently single and has no children, but Williams most likely felt right at home playing dad given the fact that he has two young children of his own.

As a pair, Minaj and Williams were, undoubtedly, giving off major couple goals while preparing to put their young daughter to bed in the sneak peek. Completely owning the advertisement's mom role, Minaj coyly reminds her on-screen beau, "She wants a story. Good luck, Dad," as she walks off and Williams settles into a fairytale saga that will seemingly dictate the remainder of the "magical holiday" themed commercial, which will be released in its entirety on Nov. 28.

Individually, it's easy to see that both Nicki and Williams lucked up in the gene pool with their undeniable good looks, but just the mere thought of them together is a pairing of epic proportions. It's honestly hard to pinpoint which one of them is more beautiful — or talented, for that matter. Their collaborative swag, simply put, is just too much to handle all at once.

It's safe to say that the internet shares the same sentiments, because the full commercial hasn't even dropped yet and people can't seem to get enough of the on-screen magic of #Jinaj. The Twitter-verse literally went wild over the collaboration, chiming in on the faux couple's unquestionable appeal.

Too Hot To Handle

One Twitter user simply couldn't take the heat of these two getting together.

Finally Found Love

While another fell head over heels about the pairing of the talented duo.

Happily Ever After

This fan conjured up an amazing dream scenario for the pair.

Fired Up

A meme expressed one social media user's emotion over the pairing of Minaj and Williams.

Reality Check

This fan wants everyone to get out of fairytale mode and recognize the possibility of this happening in real life.

Looking Good

Another just stated the obvious.

It's Just Too Much

The exciting news caused this fan's sense to malfunction.

Family Ties

Someone finally found their long lost parents thanks to the new commercial.

Finish Line

The commercial snippet ended everything for this fan.

Reported to be a "holiday film," The Hollywood Reporter indicated that the visual will focus on a little girl tracking down the evil brother of Santa Claus in order to save the holidays. As far as Minaj's role, she will reportedly be pulling double duty as both the young girl's mother and a fairy named Wisest Thingy — a moment which will most likely allow the popular emcee to dip back into the semblance one of her many alter egos.

Meanwhile, Williams will, obviously, lend his acting skills to the role of the girl's father as he also takes on the part of the supernatural Fastest Fairy. The full-length showing is said to additionally feature the talent of actor John Turturro who will portray both Santa Claus and his evil brother. Minaj raved about the forthcoming project in H&M's press release for the flick, saying:

"I love the film's overall empowering message. I love seeing this young girl become the champion that lives in all of us. There's always magic in the air during the holidays."

Williams shared his sentiments on the collaboration via Twitter and hinted that some very "magical" things will be happening in the skit as he indicated to fans that he will be "flying around" in the new vid.

It's obvious that this new project is going to be one for the books for H&M with Minaj and Williams serving as the official first family of holiday swag. The feels you get from the snippet kinda make you forget that the piece is a promotion for the brand's new holiday collection, which became available on Nov. 9. The magic and on-screen chemistry of Minaj and Williams alone definitely makes it worth checking out.