Ariana Grande Pretty Much Stole The Show In This Video From Demi Lovato's Birthday

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sorry, not sorry, but if you have not experienced Demi Lovato's birthday videos with Ariana Grande, you are missing out. And yes, you should fix that right now. Before she rang in her 27th trip around the sun, the "Skyscraper" singer went to Grande’s concert at the O2 Arena in London and kindly documented the experience on Instagram Story. She hung out at the show with her new manager Scooter Braun and legendary pop producer Max Martin, cheered for Grande throughout the show, and was the recipient of pre-show birthday wishes and a birthday cake. All in all, it sounds like a pretty solid way to celebrate a birthday eve.

Before the concert, Grande and her team circled up backstage with Lovato, put their hands together, and wished the birthday girl a happy birthday. “This was too sweet not to post.... before show prayer they did this for my bday,” Lovato wrote when she shared a video of the moment on Instagram. “I’m so so proud of you @arianagrande. You f*cking killed that!!! I love you tons."

Warning: This video of everyone saying "Happy birthday, Demi!" is overwhelmingly lovely and delightful and no, it will not give your heart a break.

Lovato also posted the video Braun took when he tried to record their rendition of "Happy Birthday" not once, but twice. As you can see, his timing was a bit off. Lovato's caption reads,

“Okay, last one before bed. They literally filmed/sang happy birthday twice and @scooterbraun STILL forgot to press record @arianagrande’s face is everything and this video is a perfect glimpse of how f*cking happy and rad my birthday is this year. So so happy. And I love my new family. Thank you guys, love you”

Lovato isn't kidding; Grande's face is everything. When the "God Is A Woman" artist realized Braun did not successfully film the group singing "Happy Birthday" to Lovato, she gave him a look that's worth no less than a billion words.

Grande and Lovato have been pals for years, but now they are pals and coworkers. On May 11, Lovato shared on Instagram that she signed a contract with Braun, Grande’s longtime manager. She wrote,

“GUYS!!!!!!! Dreams came true today for me. I officially have a NEW MANAGER!!! And not just any new manager but the one and only @scooterbraun!!!! Couldn’t be happier, inspired and excited to begin this next chapter with you Scooter!!! Thank you for believing in me and for being apart of this new journey. Let’s DO THIS!!!!!!"

Three months later, she ushered in her birthday with her "new family" at one of Grande's concerts.

It sounds like sounds like there might be something epic in the works for her actual birthday. On Tuesday morning, Lovato hopped on IG Stories and said, "It's my birthday! I'm so happy. I've literally never woken up this happy before in my life. I'm doing something today that I haven't done in a long a** time with somebody."

The video cut off before she could give away more information, but it was juuuust enough get the theories brewin'.

Some fans suspect Lovato might be teasing an appearance on The Sweetener Tour stage Tuesday night for a possible duet. And whew, what a pop powerhouse pairing that would be.

Needless to say, a Grande and Lovato performance would be very cool for this summer.