Ariana & Demi Had The Scariest Weekend Adventure

It's not a secret that Ariana Grande is a fan of spooky things. She's made it known that Halloween is her favorite holiday. Plus, she starred on Scream Queens . On Friday, she decided to rope in a fellow star and go on a frightening adventure. According to Twitter, Grande and Demi Lovato went on a terrifying hike, so scary that they may have even pooped their pants. Don't take my word for it — they said so themselves. It all began when Grande tweeted,

Friday night was lit and by lit I mean terrifying because we hiked on foot to the Manson murder house

Let me get this straight: They walked all the way to Charles Manson's old mansion in California? Sounds like quite a frightening journey, to say the least. I would've opted for a casual trip to In-N-Out Burger instead. In case that's not enough, she then tagged Lovato and wrote, "and by lit we mean everyone shat themselves." Confirming this news, the "Confident" singer responded to Grande by saying, "and by shat ourselves we mean we literally shit our pants.. Except yours had glitter in it. And the Chanel logo."

LOL to Lovato's last comment. Although it sounds like they're definitely joking about that final tweet, the whole exchange is pretty hilarious and amusing to imagine.

To be honest, I had no idea these ladies even hung out, but I'm a big fan of this friendship. Back in October, they tweeted at each other in support of their music and showed their support for one another, but this feels like the first time they actually spent a weekend together.

What better way to bond than going on a scary hike? You definitely see a whole new side to someone when you're in a spooky situation together. Hopefully this is just the first of many hangouts! But for their pants' sake, maybe next time they can do something a bit more tame — like splitting popcorn and watching horror movies at home.


Regardless, it sounds like Lovato, Grande, and their pals had a way more eventful weekend than everybody else. Plus, it must have been so much fun that they don't even mind sharing the embarrassing details with their millions of followers.

If Grande signs on for Season 2 of Scream Queens , I'm crossing my fingers that Lovato is by her side. As this instance proves, they definitely have a high tolerance for fear. In other words, these two would be no match for the Red Devil.

Image: Giphy