Denise Richards' 'RHOBH' Co-stars Offered Some Helpful Tips To The Series Newbie

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Dust off your Mount Rushmore headband, because the Denise Richards Era of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is upon us. In anticipation of the Season 9 premiere, Bravo has released a video in which the veteran RHOBH stars offer advice to newbie Denise. And uh, if there's one thing that can be gleaned from this clip, it's that they all seem to really like their new co-star. Get the baby powder, because this welcome has been warmer than a jogging suit made out of latex.

Granted, this video was released after Denise filmed her first season, so unless she has access to a time machine, it's not like she can watch these interviews and then apply the advice to her RHOBH Season 9 performance. (But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?) Also, if there is anyone who does not need tips on how to survive her first season of Real Housewives, it is Denise flippin' Richards. As Erika Jayne astutely notes, "After everything Denise has been through, do you really think she sweats these broads? No."

And the "XXpen$ive" singer isn't the only one who's got some words of wisdom for Denise. Dorit Kemsley says a first season of RHOBH is full of "ebbs and flows" and "growing pains," and Kyle Richards and Teddi Jo Mellencamp Arroyave advise her to always stay true to herself. Lisa Vanderpump recommends she always remember there are cameras and "everything you said can be kind of brought back because there’s some playback, so you've got to keep it straight and keep your wits about you, that's for sure."

And Lisa Rinna, in her very Lisa Rinna way, tells the interviewer that the advice she offered to Denise will stay between her and Denise. "I have personally told her everything she needs to know,” she says. And then, just as you think Rinna's going to leave us in the dark, she has a change of heart and gives us one morsel of advice: "Don’t trust anybody. No one." "No one," you say? Uh, does that mean Denise shouldn't trust the person who is telling her to not trust anybody?

Since the dawn of time (i.e., the first season of RHOBH), there has been talk of the Drop Dead Gorgeous actor possibly being on the Beverly Hills edition of The Real Housewives. All the way back in 2011, Us Weekly asked Denise if she'd ever join the series, and she replied, "Heck yeah I would! It's one of my favorite shows!" Sure, she was speaking hypothetically, and sure, in 2015 she told Mario Lopez that she wasn't sure she could "show [her] life on there." And yet, the dream of seeing the legendary Ms. Denise Richards holding a diamond in the RHOBH opening credits lived on for the next several years.

And on Aug. 8, 2018, it happened: Denise confirmed to People that she is now a member of the RHOBH roster. "I am so excited to join the cast of [RHOBH] as I am a huge fan of the show," Denise said in a statement to People. "I am looking forward to spending time with all the ladies… and hopefully meeting Boy George!!"

It's gorgeous RHOBH trailers like this one that make me, Kristie Ann Leeman, proud to be a Bravoholic.