You Can Get Married At Denny's This Valentine's Day For Just $99


There are a lot of different ways you may have imagined your big day. You may have imaged a stately country home, a swanky city rooftop, or even a full royal affair a la Harry and Meghan. Maybe you just imagined dancing the night away with your friends and family. Or maybe, just maybe, you imaged that you'd be walking down the aisle with a burger in one hand and pancakes in the other. If white dresses and floral arrangements are all a bit too on the nose for your wedding taste, why not try something a little different (OK, very different) this Valentine's Day? An answer to a prayer that you never had has arrived, because Denny's has, for some reason, decided to invite folks to get married at Denny's in their Las Vegas wedding chapel.

"Denny's on Fremont Street is the perfect place to get married or renew your vows," their website explains. "Allow us to put the 'Mmmm...' in matrimony." In fact, they've actually been doing weddings there since 2013, but they're offering a deal this Valentine's Day — where you can get married for $99, $100 off the normal price, according to Delish.

Their normal $199 package includes use of the chapel, photo booth, a presentation bouquet and boutonniere, as well as wedding pancake puppies, a cake and champagne toast, two wedding t-shirts, and, of course, two Original Grand Slams which are, inexplicably, good for your next visit rather than the marriage visit. So... honeymoon Grand Slams, maybe?

But the $99 Valentine's Day special seems to include the silk presentation bouquet and boutonniere, a champagne toast, and a ceremony certificate — but don't fret, you can pay extra for some pancake puppies. It's no secret that weddings in Las Vegas are kind of a big deal — and especially around Valentine's Day — so if you're interested in stepping into nuptial bliss surrounded by pancakes, burgers, and more, you can put your name down on a form on their website.

Already married but just love the idea of celebrating with that someone special at Denny's? Don't worry, you can renew your vows there, too — although it seems like renewing your vows with pancakes is almost certain to outshine your actual wedding day, so just be prepared for that emotional journey.

If you're desperate a Vegas wedding but you prefer something a little spicier, don't worry because there are plenty of amazing wedding choices in Vegas — including, you guessed it, Taco Bell. In fact, not only can you get married in a Taco Bell, there are also an entire line of Taco Bell wedding accessories, including a bowtie, garter, and even Taco Bell champagne classes, which has to be one of the weirder mash-ups I've ever heard.

No matter where you choose, it's clear that if you want to head to Vegas for a Valentine's day wedding then there are plenty of choices for something a little different (and more deep-fried) then your traditional wedding. And, as a bonus, I'm pretty sure they're some of the only places that would let you get married in sweatpants which is a definite win.

Sing it with me now: "Going to Denny's and we're gonna get ma-a-a-ried."