'Bachelor' Stars Arie & Lauren Share This "Sweet" Detail About Their Upcoming Wedding

ABC/Paul Hebert

Sounds like things are starting to come together for this soon-to-be married Bachelor Nation couple. On July 15, new details about Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham's wedding were revealed. The controversial Bachelor couple opened up about their upcoming nuptials in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. And while the duo admitted to that their wedding planning was in full swing, Arie revealed that he had on particular concern: the desserts. Apparently the groom is dead-set on having an entire table devoted to desserts, which isn't a bad thing to put your foot down about, to be honest.

Arie and Lauren spoke to ET at the Honda Indy Toronto in Canada on Sunday, and they'd just come off a meeting with their wedding planner. "It's been awesome," said the groom-to-be. "We actually met with our wedding planner here in Toronto. She was actually here in town, which is really cool. And our buddy, Clint's, helping out with a lot of things, who's been with me for a few years." As nonchalant as his answer may seem, Arie did admit that planning a wedding was a bit harder than he originally envisioned, saying, "It's going good. There's a lot more to think about than I originally thought."

Luckily for Arie, he's got a very laid-back wife-to-be to help him, too, and Lauren says the whole wedding planning has been pretty stress-free so far. "I thought I'd be more of a bridezilla, honestly," she admitted to ET, "but I'm not stressing much at all. So it's been great. We're just having fun picking out different details for our wedding."

The dedicated dessert table is one super crucial detail, as far as Arie is concerned. "We need to have good desserts," he insisted to ET. "Oh yeah. He had a lot to say about that," Lauren added.

The couple just revealed a few of their engagement photos on Instagram over the weekend, and haven't been shy about letting fans know how their wedding planning is progressing. During a May 23 appearance on The View, they spilled the date and location of their upcoming nuptials. "We are very excited to tell you guys that we have booked a venue and we are getting married in Hawaii on January 12 next year," Lauren announced.

While the wedding won't be televised, if fans really wanted to catch a glimpse of their big day live and in person, technically you could just show up — definitely not recommending you do that, by the way, as it'd be pretty creepy and stalker-ish — as Arie gave the crowd the actual name of the venue they booked.

"It's at Haiku Mill, which is this beautiful, old world feel, with a lot of vines and greenery," he said. "It's not your typical beach wedding. It's so pretty. And it's a private wedding, so not on TV... just a close group of friends, probably 100 guests." It sounds like the couple, who very publicly broke up on national television when Arie chose Becca Kufrin in the Bachelor season finale, and then very publicly got engaged on the "After the Final Rose" special, wants to keep their wedding day out of the spotlight. And who can blame them?

After Arie's Bachelor season finale aired, he expressed his displeasure at how the breakup scene with Becca was shown. Billed as an unedited, 40-minute breakup, the excruciating television event left many viewers angry at Arie. But he later claimed in an interview with GQ that the scene had been edited, and noted that he felt "100 percent betrayed" by ABC. No wonder he wants to keep his wedding off camera.