Everything Tori Spelling Has Said About Her IRL Relationship With Brian Austin Green

Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Donna Martin and David Silver had an on-again-off-again relationship througout Beverly Hills, 902010's ten-season run. They were a couple that fans couldn't help rooting for. Their chemistry was undeniable, but are they just really good actors? Or was there more going on behind-the-scenes? They're both married now, but did Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green date back in the day? Heading into the reboot, fans might be wondering given the premise of the newer series.

They were never actually an official couple, but the chemistry between them was very real. On a 2015 episode of Lifetime's Celebrity Lie Detector, Spelling took a lie detector test and spilled some beans. The host, Lousie Roe asked Tori, "Did you have sexual relations with any of your co-stars on Beverly Hills, 90210?" Spelling admitted that she did, which prompted Roe to remark, "You look quite emotional, almost like it was more than sex."

Then she got very specific and just straight-up asked, "It was Brian Austin Green?" Spelling confimed that it was. After she elaborated on what went down on the 90210 set. She recalled, "Brian and I were the youngest." She even shared, "He would tease me, he teased me a lot. He would always come up to me and say that I had peach fuzz." How... romantic? The actor admitted, "I was like 'Great! There's all these extras around me, hot girls.'" She even confessed, "And I was just really hoping he liked me."

While Spelling and Green were never boyfriend and girlfriend, they did have a very deep relationship. So much so, that Spelling confessed that they both cried real tears while filming David and Donna's wedding on the series finale. She shared this during a panel at RewindCon in 2016. During that same discussion, she revealed that she and Green actually wrote their characters' wedding vows. She explained, "We felt that since professionally and personally, Brian and I had grown up together and been through so much in 10 years, that we really wanted the vows to mean something personal and what we thought David and Donna would say to each other" That really is special.

So special, that Spelling actually told costar Jennie Garth that she believed she was in love with Green by the end of shooting the wedding scenes. At the time, Garth told her, "You’ll be over it tomorrow.'"

Before David and Donna's wedding, their characters experienced an iconic milestone together when Donna lost her virginity. In an interview with Vulture, Spelling recalled how the storyline was so personal for her character and her real-life self.

She admitted, "I was so uncomfortable wearing lingerie. I felt so exposed. I remember not letting Brian see me before so that the reveal of Donna to David would be very real," just like those wedding vows.

She recalled, "And I remember being nervous hoping he would think that I looked good in it. Such a girl moment. After we did the first take, he told me I looked beautiful and it made my day." Spelling also said, "I was beyond nervous. I wanted it to be perfect. Which is funny because that’s how people want their actual first time to be. Perfect. My heart was pounding."

Even though Spelling and Green did not have a relationship in a conventional sense, there was definitely much more to their connection than simply being coworkers. There was a strong, love, respect, and yes, an attraction behind-the-scenes.