Brittany May Have Spent Some Time With Jax’s Biggest ‘Vanderpump’ Rival While They Were Split


Jax has had quite a few girlfriends on Vanderpump Rules, but none so sweet or kind as Brittany Cartwright (Stassi wouldn’t take offense to that, because she knows its true). But, in true Jax fashion, he messed it up, because Jax cheated on Brittany, blamed her for it, told everyone he was getting help for his behavior, and then broke up with her. But with another interested party waiting in the wings, Brittany may have had the option to move on right away — did Vanderpump Rules stars Brittany and Adam date while she and Jax were split up?

Brittany moved to Los Angeles for Jax — the two met at a party in Las Vegas, and mere weeks later, Brittany packed up her car and drove from Kentucky to California to be with him. They got two dogs, and everything was supposed to be happily ever after… until Jax did what he was always destined to do. He says he’s not good at relationships, and the evidence supports it. Jax and Brittany did stay together immediately after his cheating, as Season 6 showed, and that’s when Scheana, meddler she is, stepped in to try and get Adam, SUR’s newest bartender wannabe (he’s just a bar back for now), to date Brittany, or at least to show her that Jax was far from her only option. (It would have been nice of Scheana if she wasn’t just trying to get back at Jax.) In any case, Brittany rebuffed Adam’s advances (it was really like, a text and a smile), but in previews for the April 23 episode of Vanderpump Rules, it looks like Brittany could be happy to move on post-Jax, and Adam is the perfect guy to ease her back into the dating pool.

Jax and Brittany are together right now, at time of publication — their social media is just littered with photos of them together — but even when they were broken up, I couldn’t find any information that Brittany and Adam went on anything more intimate than a group date. It seems from what's been shared publicly that the two just work together at SUR. Brittany only has eyes for Jax, still, and the fact that they evidently got back together so quickly shows that they’re working on their relationship.

Even if Brittany and Adam probably didn’t date for real, it doesn’t mean that Jax is a big fan of Adam. After Adam told Jax that it was Scheana who tried to set him and Brittany up (while Brittany and Jax were still together), Jax was out for blood. He was mad at Scheana, but he was also pretty mad at Adam, too. On the Vanderpump Rules After Show, the Toms and Jax were discussing this whole mess, and Tom Schwartz vouched for Adam. “I think that [Adam] got muscled into that situation by some of the other girls… I don’t know who,” Schwartz said. Sandoval agreed, saying, “I don’t think he wanted anything to do with that.” Jax wasn’t buying it, however, insinuating that Adam made a play for Brittany because he wanted to be on the show. “Nobody is that in the dark. I’ll give you a little of that, but nobody is that stupid,” he said. “Do I think that he was muscled in a little bit? Yeah, maybe a little bit, but you’ve got a successful show on TV. We’ve been on TV for a long time. You work at SUR, maybe I want a taste of the pie a little bit.”

Well, no one can speak to his intentions but Adam, but if Jax and Brittany are back together, healthy, and happy, there’s no harm, no foul if Brittany and Adam went on a measly date or two. All’s well that ends well on Vanderpump Rules.