People Think Jani Knew Each Other Pre-Villa, But Here's Why It's Just Not True


Love Island 2018 is coming to an end, and after watching their relationship unfold over the past few weeks, I have no doubts that Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham are made for each other. It feels like they've been together for seven years, not seven weeks. But was it fate that they'd meet and fall in love under the Mallorcan sun? Or did Dani and Jack know each other before Love Island? Well, some fans do have their suspicions.

Rewind back to the early days of Dani and Jack's relationship, and you may recall that oh so sweet moment when Dani revealed who her dad was. At the time, I didn't think anything of Jack's surprised reaction to the news. Although, looking back now, how did he not realise? They have the same name; Dani Dyer and Danny Dyer?

Anyway, that then prompted me to have a quick flick through the Islanders' Instagram pages in the weeks following, and noticed something fairly suspicious on Dani's. A certain someone had been liking photos of her — most notably snaps including her dad — seemingly before heading into the villa.

I couldn't let this slide, I needed to know if Jack actually knew who Dani was before entering the villa. Surely he didn't couple up with her just because he liked her dad?

After some furious digging, I did discover something slightly relieving. Apparently, it wasn't Jack liking the photos after all. As reported by Cosmopolitan magazine, Jack had his phone taken off of him when he packed his bags to go and live in the villa. His social media accounts were then taken-over by his pals, and it turns out, they were the ones doing all the liking on Instagram, not Jack.

However, even if Jack did know who Dani was before signing up for the show, I have a hunch she wouldn't mind. Judging by the way she reacted when Jack's ex Ellie Jones revealed that he has a poster of her dad above his bed, knowing Jack may have been liking her photos before going into the villa would probably give her a good chuckle rather than something to worry about.

One person Jack is yet to meet, however, is Dani's dad, Danny. These two have definitely never met, as was revealed by her mum Joanna Mas during an interview on This Morning last month. Opening up to presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, she admitted that it'll be a pretty interesting and intense moment when the pair do finally come face-to-face for the first time. She said: "I think Danny when he does meet Jack — big Danny — he'll probably cry, like ‘You’ve took my child away from me’. He's really possessive. Or, he could be making out he's this big hard man, just sitting there."

However, Jack doesn't have to worry about impressing Joanna, as he already has her seal of approval. She added: "I think [Dani] made the right connection. The first time I saw [Jack] on the television, I thought, 'he really is Dani's type because he is so funny and so warm'. She does like him. I know she does."

Jack has proved his worth with Dani since they first coupled up, especially after becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. At this point, it feels like they've been in a relationship for seven years rather than seven weeks, particularly after Wednesday night's food shop.

Who knew how much I needed to see Dani and Jack go shopping and cook together. God, I can't get enough of them.

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