Megan & Eyal's Steamy Hideaway Antics Have Got People Asking All Sorts Of Questions

by Sagal Mohammed

Thirsty Thursday was in full effect last night, and no I'm not referring to happy hour deals. I'm on about the bedroom antics on Love Island of course. And it looks like we may finally have witnessed some for the first time this season as last night's episode left the same question on everyone's lips: did Eyal and Megan have sex on Love Island?

It turns out, yes they did, making them the first couple to have sex in the 2018 villa. "It just felt right in the moment," Megan, 24, admitted to Georgia afterwards. "I can’t stop smiling. I’m literally like a Cheshire cat, I can’t stop." When Jack asked Eyal, 22, what went down in the hideaway, he admitted all to. He said: "Yeah. I wasn’t just going to do it for no reason and our date yesterday just really solidified what I wanted to hear."

After an entire week of blending into the background and being somewhat forgettable (in my humble opinion), the young couple were given their time to shine on Thursday night's episode as we watched their first(ish) official date outside the villa. The two enjoyed a lovely wine tasting date together after receiving a "date text" which did wonders for their blossoming romance, as they finally got to be open and honest to each other about their feelings for one another. The ever-so-deep Eyal took the lead as he shared his previous relationship history with Megan, admitting that it left him heartbroken.

"The longest relationship I had was eight months and I got dumped at the end of it, which hurt a lot, which is why I’ve never had one since then," he told the Essex-born model. "But that’s what I’m here looking for. I’ve had my laddy days of having one-night stands. They’re not really what I enjoy. I came on here to find a girlfriend and to find someone that I can share life experiences with."


Similarly, Megan then admitted that she was "scared" of being hurt but that her feelings for him were growing. "I did question 'is it just a physical thing?' because you are really attractive and it’s hard for me, I go like a little girl, I start giggling," she said. "But I do think the more time we spend together, the more I get to know you and I feel comfortable around you, it’s nice just to hang out with you and be silly with you."

Their candid conversation then ended on a high as Megan added: "I’m glad we had this chat, it’s made me feel a lot better. I feel like I won’t be holding back as much now I know you do actually want something."

The two returned to the villa like giddy school kids and sticking to her words, Megan didn't hold back on expressing her excitement for the future of her relationship with Eyal. "The date was really good. It was a chance for me and Eyal to get a little bit closer and ask him questions that I wouldn’t really ask in the villa when people are around us. I don’t want to come on too strong," she said in the Beach Hut. "I just really said how I feel, I’ve been hurt in the past, I didn’t want to be overbearing in any way. I think after today we’ve really chatted on a deeper level and we’ve got to know each other a bit better. So I’m excited for the future, I’m happy."


Eyal was also over the moon as he told his fellow Islanders that he had received the reassurance he wanted for Megan. "I think for me it was more establishing where Megan is at, and the fact that she is into me and she does like me," he told them. "My worry was that someone else was going to just walk in here and all of a sudden she’s going to be off. She kind of reassured me that that’s not the case and that she is into me."

Just like us viewers, the Islanders saw how adorable Megan and Eyal's romance had become (I mean, I already want them to be together for over) and voted for them to have the hideaway for the night. As you can expect, things got very steamy between the two and in the last few seconds of the episode, it definitely looked like they'd take their relationship to the next level and gotten pretty intimate.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, though I'm sure they'll dish the dirt when they return to the villa in tonight's episode. Plus, Megan did also say in the Beach Hut that it had been a "long time coming" for the pair, who she said are "close" in bed together.

Could this be the start of a long-lasting, beautiful romance? I'm certainly rooting for them.

This post was updated upon receipt of a statement from ITV.