Eyal From 'Love Island' Has A Music Video & You Need To Watch It Right Now

Love Island/ITV

Love Island's Eyal Booker is in a lot of people's bad books at the moment. He's royally hacked off the villa's resident doctor, Alex George, he's upset the now-evicted Hayley Hughes, and he's even starting to irritate the likes of Adam Collard. Well, it looks like things might be getting a little worse for the model, as the Internet has discovered Love Island's Eyal has a music video, and it's gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Forget Marcel Somerville and his Blazin' Squad days. The "#deep" and self-professed spiritual Eyal was once a member of the pop group EverYoung —picture S Club Juniors but with extra cheese. Eyal hasn't exactly proudly boasted about his pop star days on Love Island, but with lyrics like "See my sneaker feet they don't touch the ground" and "You can close the door but I'll break it", I can kind of understand why.

When asked about his band before entering the villa, Eyal brushed it off as one of his claims to fame. He said in an ITV press release: "We had small time success and toured the country, built up a little fan base and there was fan girl hysteria. They'd follow us around and come to our gigs and stuff so that was a little taste." Apparently, the group did have its fair share of fans back in the day, however, I'm not so sure they quite rocked any Beatles hysteria vibes. Check out the music video clip below that is doing the rounds on Twitter:

Unsurprisingly, the Internet hasn't had the kindest words to say about Eyal's video:

Eyal also appeared in a music video for Zara Larsson back in 2015, in which he played her love interest. There isn't really a narrative to the video, and he only really shows up to coincide with certain lyrics that link to the breakdown of a relationship. The video obviously focuses more so on Larsson than Eyal, but I'm sure he'd prefer this video to be going viral as opposed to his time in EverYoung.

Some people might think the Internet is being a little harsh on Eyal. But after his behaviour in the villa over the past few days, I'm struggling to sympathise. Especially after he decided to sway Megan into picking him for Wednesday night's re-coupling.

Eyal decided the hell with it, and kissed Megan right in front of Alex — the dashing doctor just can't catch a break in the villa. To make matters worse, he didn't even own up to what he did. After breaking Alex's heart, Eyal and Megan literally just walked away like nothing had happened. That's just cruel, dude.

Immediately after, Alex commented that it was "a bit desperate" and "distasteful", and that he wouldn't have behaved the same way towards any of the other islanders. After his ego took the battering, the doctor then plucked up the courage to call Eyal out on his behaviour. But of course, he believed he had done nothing wrong.

"It just so happened that Alex was standing there, I didn't see him there," Eyal said in the beach hut. "It wasn't in a malicious way, it wasn't done to make anyone feel bad, it was just done for me to reassure Megan that I'm interested in her." Yeah, right Eyal. I'm not buying that and by the looks of things, neither is Twitter:

While Megan may have made up her mind and chosen to couple up with Eyal, Alex got his revenge via Adam Collard's Doctor Do More project. But anyway, it's Alex who'll have the real last laugh. No, perhaps he didn't get the girl, but he will have a good old chuckle when he leaves the villa and checks out this music video.