Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Might De Going Out Of Business & Former Scene Kids Are So Bummed

Courtesy of Riley Rose

Bummer alert. Something is seriously up with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, which is famous for its Lip Tar range. Signs point to OCC going out of business. The Lip Tars, which originally came packaged in squeeze tubes with petite tips and required a lip brush to apply, were once a Sephora staple before moving on and switching to wand-and-tube packaging. The brand's Facebook account has been shut down and its official website states that it is temporarily down. The simple, stark note redirects customers to retailers Riley Rose, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom for purchases.

The notice does ask customers to email for questions about existing orders.

These clues have the makeup world wondering if the brand — loved by scene kids in the '00s and which has been operating for 15 years — is gone for good. It's a fair assumption to make, since indie and buzzy brands such as this rely on active and visible socials.

However, if you like to focus on the positives in life, perhaps the brand has shut down its existing online properties as it prepares for a revamp, refresh, or relaunch? Remember when Taylor Swift wiped her socials clean before announcing Reputation details and signifying a new era? Just sayin'.

Courtesy of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

The brand did use the term "temporarily" to describe its dark website. But it also axed its Twitter and Instagram feeds in what feels like a coordinated and calculated shut down.

Therefore, the relaunch scenario isn't likely. Still, we can hope.

Racked first reported about OCC's digital disappearance of sorts. A Reddit thread has been discussing WTF is up with OCC for days. Bustle reached out to the brand's onetime publicist and the general email address to inquire about OCC's status.

Courtesy of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Here's the screenshot of the main page of the company's site.

As Racked reports, OCC broke into the mainstream without ever changing its ethos. It was a vegan brand when that status wasn't quite so common. It also featured drag queens and men in campaign imaging before that sort of inclusivity became more standard. Founder David Klasfeld also named the brand after the condition he lives, OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder, in a move that helped take the power back.

Also, before Kylie Lip Kits and before Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lippies, scene kids gravitated towards Lip Tars. The name may have been eyebrow-raising but the product? That was epic. Adventurous colors and a bulletproof formula made the lippies a cult fave.

While Lip Tar has long been OCC's hero product, the company also created fabulous glitter. Overall, OCC was a gamechanger in the '00s and makeupistas have a lot of fondness for the brand. Here's what they are saying on Twitter.

This tweet is clinging to the hope that the brand isn't shuttering for good. As stated previously, it's totally OK to think positively.

This user calls attention to the fact that OCC was known for its liquid lippies. It's a simple transmission that sums up how a lot of product lovers are feeling about the possible end of the brand as we knew it.

The beauty biz is cyclical and newly launching brands are always deck. So there's that. But we totally feel this user's pain about OCC ghosting us.

There's still hope for other beautyistas experiencing this emotion. The products remain available at other retailers if you want to stock up or grab Lip Tars before they may actually be gone for good.

If OCC has indeed shut down, we remember the brand fondly for its lip legacy and beyond.