These Mini Backpacks Honor Your Fave Disney Rides & You Totally Can't Just Pick One

Just when you thought a Disney Parks map dress was all you needed to celebrate your love of the parks, Disney itself had to go and make another fashion item you need. You know you want it, though. The new Disney Parks mini backpacks are the new accessory you need when you're headed to the most magical place on earth, and you're going to be so stoked about their theme.

While tons of Disney products are based around the studio's iconic characters like Mickey, Minnie, and the Disney princesses, these new mini backpacks don't actually do the same. Instead, they're created after iconic Disney World rides, which basically means they're your new go-to when you head to a park.

According to the Disney Style website, the bags were designed to be the ideal size for your park visit. After all, no one wants to lug around a purse, and a typically sized backpack may just be too big for you to deal with. Hence, these mini backpacks that are perfectly sized.

That's not all they have to offer, though. Because these bags are perfect for your visit to the park, they're also park-themed aka your favorite Disney World rides now come on a backpack, and yes, they may just be the answer to all your Disney park prayers.

Courtesy of Disney Style

Disney Style explains that the mini backpacks are made my LoungeFly, and they're not the first to be designed by the company. However, they are the newest creation from Disney and the designer. What designs did the pair come up with, and what rides did they choose to turn into your new go-to Disney accessory?

One of the most popular rides of at Disney is the iconic It's A Small World. While you'll probably leave with the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day, there's no doubt that it's a can't miss classic at the park. Of course, there had to be a Small World backpack, and yes, it's just as cute as you think it is.

Courtesy of Disney Style

Is there anyone who visits Disney without heading to the Haunted Mansion? After all, the studio did make a movie based on the ride. Why not a bag, too? Plus, as Disney Style points out, it's coming just in time for Halloween season at the park. Talk about perfect timing, right?

Courtesy of Disney Style

Being that this is Disney, though, everyone favorite mouse couldn't possibly be left out. That's why there's a super cute, rainbow Mickey Mouse backpack that features Mickey's classic buttons.

Courtesy of Disney Style

When and where can you get these bags? Unfortunately, there's been no word on when the bags will be available. However, given that Disney has debuted the bags via Disney Style, hopefully you shouldn't have to wait long. As for where to pick one up, they'll be available directly in Disney parks, and yes, that does include both Disney World and Disney Land. Don't worry, you can get your new favorite mini backpack no matter which park you plan to visit. The real issue is going to figuring out which one you want most.