Disney Just Dropped A TON Of Halloween Decor


How spooky is your living room? As it's currently August, my guess is somewhere around 0% spooky — most of us don't spend our summers surrounded by pumpkins and bats, although I would respect that as a very bold choice indeed. But if you don't feel at all prepped for the every-approaching Halloween season, then that's about to change. The Disney Halloween decor just dropped for this year and there is a huge range of delights on offer — and they're exciting enough to get you pumped for Halloween months in advance. Just don't go trick or treating yet, because my guess is that your neighbors will not be prepared. And if you're not getting some delicious Halloween candy, then what's the point?

Whether or not you're a huge Disney fan or just love Halloween, there is plenty happening in this range. Some of them are splurges, some of them you can handle on a budget, but they all have some of that Disney-Halloween combination that you love — and, no, it's not all Nightmare Before Christmas-themed. Though there is some of that, obviously — but why wouldn't you want a little Jack Skellington to get you in the mood?

Towel sets, Halloween countdowns, and more — there's a huge range of options that feature your favorite characters with a spooky twist, but these are five of the offerings you just can't miss.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Kitchen Towel Set

If you want an easy way to add a little Halloween flair to your kitchen, then these tea towels are a good way to do the trick. Full of Mickeys, pumpkins, and puns — what else could you need to get those Halloween vibes flowing?


Mickey Mouse Halloween Candy Bowl

OK, this is a little pricy for a bowl — but it's kind of incredible. You've got a jack-o-lantern bowl with Mickey ears, that also holds your candy. Seriously, it's a lot of bang for your buck. Plus, it will be truly delightful for the kids who come trick or treating (or for you, when you eat all of the candy in between the trick or treaters coming).


Jack Skellington Halloween Bodysuit for Baby

Alright, this might not technically fall into the "home decor" category, but Disney has a ton of amazing Halloween apparel options in this line — and this one made my heart melt and my ovaries explode. Who knew that Jack Skellington could look so damn sweet? Put him on a onesie and suddenly he is everything good and pure and wholesome in this world.


Mickey Mouse and Friends Halloween Garland

So I did not know that a "Halloween Garland" was a thing, but now that I do, I am sure that I want this exact one. Add a little color into your Halloween decor, so you don't feel like you've turned straighten into a jack-O-Lantern yourself, and use this little bugger to brighten up the place.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown Calendar

Finally, if you get really excited about the upcoming Halloween, then this countdown calendar will help you really get hyped for the day. Halloween advent calendars and countdown calendars are apparently a big thing — and this one has that Disney magic touch to get you extra excited.

Whether you love decorating your home with all things Disney or you're a Halloween fanatic, there are a lot of reasons to get excited for this line. Halloween may be a few months away, but the spooky vibes commence now.