You Can Already Buy Disney's New "Baking Essentials" Line For The Holidays

Disney has released a new line of holiday baking products.

‘Tis the season to almost start thinking about the holiday season. If you’re looking to get in the festive spirit ASAP, you’re in luck because shopDisney just dropped a new “baking essentials” collection for the holiday season. In other words, the holly and jolly commences when Disney says it does.

The full shopDisney Tabletop & Kitchen range includes over 800 kitchen items, many of which are new offerings. A handful of the kitchenware is holiday-specific, decked out in snowflakes and Mickey sporting a Santa-hat, while the rest is adorable no matter the season. There are Disney holiday pie dishes and Disney holiday potholders. There are Disney holiday aprons, some of which you can personalize and add your name or, oh I don’t know, “I’m Ratatouille.” There are even Disney-themed reusable straws, complete with a Disney-themed cleaning brush. You can reduce your single-use plastics and stan Mickey at the same time.

Peruse the site and stock up on your Disney holiday-themed kitchen goods. Start making a mental list (or a virtual shopping cart) for your holiday shopping card. Scroll through the product pages as a sweet, news-free consumerist respite from the endless scrolling of your various social feesd. Again, ‘tis the pre-season season.

This isn’t the first range of holiday goods shopDisney has dropped online. Back in July—yes, as in “a month that is very much still summer”— Disney dropped its new holiday ornaments on the shopDisney website. The ornaments include both decorative holiday homages to Disney classics as well as sweet tributes to new Disney icons. There’s Toy Story 4 Bo Peep light-up ornament, perfect to “doze off to sleep after counting the sheep.” There’s this meta ornament of Micky Mouse drawing Disney characters. There’s a 30-year anniversary ornament for The Little Mermaid, featuring Ariel and Eric in the boat a la the “Kiss the Girl” scene. If you’re looking for something that makes you feel many emotions—namely, “extremely old” and “very cry”—you can take a look at the UP ten-year anniversary ornament. It features a young Carl and Ellie painting their mailbox and oh wow, I am sobbing already.

In August—which is notably later than July but still months ahead of anything remotely resembling a winter month—Disney already had almost a dozen Christmas items available on shopDisney. They’ve got holiday throw pillows and Christmas tree skirts. There are personalized Christmas stockings and Christmas tree toppers. There’s this painfully adorable Mickey Mouse plush in which Mickey, your new fashion icon, is wearing Christmas-themed overalls and a fur-trimmed winter hat. While not explicitly in the product description, the entire offering is a display of festive solidarity with anyone who divides their calendar year into “Christmas” and “Not Christmas.”

If you’re seeking a whimsical escape but not quite in the Christmas mood, fear not. shopDisney, of course, has a wide variety of other Disney wear perfect for any and all seasons. They even have Disney park-exclusive merch that you can buy online. You want those rose gold Mickey ears? Okay. How about a Monsters Inc.-themed dress? That’s online now, too. There are even items from the Starbucks x Disney collection, including items previously only available in the parks. You can enjoy the magic of the Disney parks minus the travel cost and park ticket. Plus, you can be in your pajamas while you shop.

Who couldn't use a little magic in their life given, well, the state of everything? Add this very cute Mickey cookie jar to your Christmas wish list or just indulging in the idea of leaving out this milk and cookie Disney platter for Santa (read: you craving a snack on Christmas Eve). The internet is a wish your heart makes or something like that.

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