Loki's New Show Will Explore His "Psychological Evolution," According To Tom Hiddleston

Prepare to see a different side of your favorite trickster god, because in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tom Hiddleston teased the Disney+ Loki series will show his character's "psychological evolution." While the actor didn't disclose any firm details about the plot, his tease does suggest that Loki's journey is going to be more than just a fun romp through space and time. That's a pretty big deal when you remember that the god of mischief in the show will be the one who was last seen getting smashed by The Hulk in the first Avengers film — in other words, he's a Loki who hasn't gone through a redemption arc.

That's an interesting version of the character to explore, and Hiddleston certainly seems ready for the challenge. "It's very, very exciting because in many ways it's the character you know, but in a context you've never seen him in before. And if I say any more, I'm gonna say too much," the actor said to EW. "So that's what's so thrilling — there's so much to explore that I haven't yet explored. That's very exciting."

Per Screen Rant, the official synopsis for the Loki series revealed Thor's brother "pops up throughout human history as [an] unlikely influencer on historical events." This was confirmed in the first official photo released by Disney+ in June, which showed Loki walking down a city street with an advertisement for the 1975 film Jaws behind him. The image seemed to confirm that the trickster can now move through time and space after escaping with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame.

In addition to all of the time and space hopping, Loki will also be exploring who he is and what drives him to seek power. Per EW, at Marvel's July Comic-Con panel, Hiddleston told the crowd, "Just about the last thing that happened to him was he got Hulk-smashed. So there’s a lot of psychological evolution that is still yet to happen. [Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige] has generally shown me what his plans are. I can’t tell you any of them, but it is one of the most exciting creative opportunities I think I’ve ever come across. This is new territory, a new world, new challenges, and I cannot wait to get started."

Hiddleston seems eager to dive into the next chapter of Loki's story. Unfortunately, fans still have a while to wait before they can see what the series will truly bring to the expanded MCU. Disney+ is set to launch in November, but the Loki series won't premiere until spring 2021. That's a long wait for the trickster god to resurface, but since the new Marvel series will link to the upcoming roster of Marvel films in Phase Four, there's always a chance that Loki will pop up on the big screen before seguing into his own series.

Whatever happens next, the Loki series is primed to take the beloved character to a whole new level. He may have died in the original timeline, but Thor's little brother has a second chance to figure out if he truly wants to be a villain or if maybe he can be a troublemaker without resorting to world domination. Hiddleston is certainly ready to delve into the psychology of Loki, and Marvel fans are surely ready to watch him showcase a new side of one of the MCU's best villains.