The 'Divorce' Cast Is Branching Out To A Ton Of Great Projects Post-Series Finale

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

Fans of Sharon Horgan have good reason to mourn in 2019 since both Catastrophe and Divorce came to an end this year. With its series finale on Aug. 5, Divorce won't return for a Season 4. The HBO series created by Horgan starred and was executive produced by Sarah Jessica Parker and Deadline reported on July 1 that the six-episode third season would be the show's last.

With a healthy dash of humor, Divorce did exactly as its title stated and followed Parker's Frances and Thomas Haden Church's Robert breakup. But the finale "Knock Knock" saw the couple able to be friends and successfully co-parenting together after their respective relationships ended. It was a far cry from the earliest episodes in which the two could barely deign to open the front door for each other.

"It feels to me as if the first season we were pretty entrenched in battle and it was not surprising to reveal that neither Frances nor Robert were very good at divorce; most people aren't. By the end of last season, it started to feel as if Frances had made peace with the unforeseen complexities of being free from the marriage," Parker said to Deadline. "So this season feels like a genuine fresh start. For both Frances and Robert, it appears as if they're on a path that feels more in their control."

It would have been unthinkable at the start of Divorce that Frances would have been OK with Robert moving back into the family home. But that's where the Divorce finale finds them as these two have found a way to live together while not married. Yet, if you're not ready to separate yourself from the cast, here's where else you can catch the major players of Divorce.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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Parker doesn't appear to have any acting projects lined up following Divorce at the moment. But you can always shop her style thanks to her fashion line SJP. And Deadline reported in its news of Divorce ending that her production company Pretty Matches is working on the scripted series That Lonely Section Of Hell, Peaches, Fresh Kills, Meg, Big Game, Step Nine, and No One Tells You This plus the reality show Room for Change. Even if Parker doesn't pop up in any of those projects, she'll be back on your screen one day.

Thomas Haden Church

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Church has been consistently working since the late '80s and his résumé post-Divorce is no exception. This year, he has appeared in David Harbour's Hellboy and will be in The Peanut Butter Falcon with Shia LaBeouf when it's out on Aug. 9. He'll also be in the future movies The Happy Worker, The 24th, and Deception Road, so he's seemingly temporarily divorcing himself from TV for now.

Molly Shannon

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Diane ended her story as a kept woman who was rebelling against the rules. Later this month, the former Saturday Night Live comedian will be in Marlon Wayans' Netflix movie Sextuplets. She'll also be in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and Promising Young Woman with Carey Mulligan. You can also expect to see Shannon back on TV when The Other Two Season 2 premieres.

Talia Balsam

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After Dallas' son cut off communication with her and her career as a therapist almost took a hit from a disgruntled patient, she decided to foster a child. In real life, Balsam has been keeping equally busy with two films released this year — South Mountain and The Climb. She's also filming the upcoming movie What Is Life Worth.

Tracy Letts

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Nick will be spending most of his days in jail after the Season 2 finale reveal that he had been embezzling millions of dollars from his clients. But Letts is out and about working, like in Ford v Ferrari with Christian Bale and Matt Damon this November. And if you loved Letts showing his comedic side as Nick, you'll also want to check him out as the voice of Michelle Pfeiffer's character's dead husband in the form of a cat in French Exit. The multi-talented actor is also a playwright and his political comedy The Minutes will hit Broadway in 2020.

Becki Newton

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The minute Jackie was informed she didn't have to be on bed rest anymore, she decided to leave Robert. But although they won't be married anymore, they'll still be in each other's lives since they are having a child together. And if you're sad about their breakup or the fact the show is over, Newton's new movie Otherhood with Patricia Arquette, Angela Bassett, and Felicity Huffman conveniently dropped on Netflix just days before the Divorce series finale.

Whether Robert is still in love with Frances or not, this couple came a long way during three seasons. And knowing that Robert, Frances, and their kids Lila and Tom are happy makes watching the Divorce actors in other projects go down all the more easy.