Here's What We Know About Becca & Tia's Friendship After 'The Bachelorette'

ABC/Paul Hebert

It used to be a reality show cliché that contestants "weren't there to make friends," but the The Bachelor franchise has proven time and time again that romantic relationships aren't the only kind forming once the cameras start to roll. Things can get complicated though, since the Bachelor Nation casts spends so much time together and mingle with people from other seasons. On this season of The Bachelorette, Tia Booth and Becca Kufrin's friendship was put to the test early on when it was revealed that Tia had dated Colton, one of Becca's contestants, before this season started to air. They seemed to talk it out on camera and Colton has made it pretty far. So do Becca and Tia talk after The Bachelorette, or was all that forgiveness just for show?

The two women, who met during Arie's season of The Bachelor, were a fan favorite friendship pairing and practically inseparable on screen and on social media at the time. However, in Week 2 of Becca's The Bachelorette season, Colton revealed to Becca that he had been "talking" to Tia prior to coming on the series. (We don't know how serious the relationship was, but it's possible they did more than just talk, too.)

The next week, Tia visited the set with some other former contestants for a group date and everything came to a head. Becca said she was worried that Colton was just chasing fame and joined her season because he though that Tia was going to be The Bachelorette. Tia expressed a little worry that Colton had been pursuing her for the same reason. Either way, it made Colton look like kind of a jerk. After everyone talked it out, though, things were pretty calm. Becca has kept Colton around and she and Tia amicably parted ways. No tears, yelling, or even that much drama.

Booth said in an interview with People that she didn't expect it to go any other way. "It would have been more complicated if we were an exclusive couple." She added that if the timing was different, maybe things would have been different but that she and Colton were "never a thing" and that they knew "logistically it wasn’t really going to work.” So, it looks like Tia and Becca are on good terms. On social media, at the very least. Becca liked this tweet about their on-screen friendship in June and has tossed a heart emoji or two in Tia's direction as well. It doesn't seem like they're not talking, at least.

Plus, don't forget their third bestie! Caroline is still chummy with them as well. She was also on that group date during Becca's season and has clearly hung out with the two of them IRL, too.

Still, that doesn't mean that other former cast members aren't trying to stir the pot when it comes to Tia and Becca's friendship. Right around the time of Colton's "confession," Bekah M. and Raven, Tia's longtime BFF, had some words over Twitter about the validity of Tia and Colton's respective stories. Bekah thinks Tia and Colton are staging a romantic reunion for Bachelor In Paradise this summer (they are both slated to be in Mexico together) and playing Becca in the process.

Raven defended Tia. Tweets were deleted — there was a whole lot of back and forth before everyone finally apologized. To their credit, both Tia and Becca pretty much stayed out of it. Mostly. The closest either of them came to potentially addressing the social media drama was this:

So good on them. Whatever happens with Colton and Tia going forward, it truly doesn't look like Becca will end up being hurt by it. While they might not be having slumber parties and hanging out every day, both women seem to be at least keeping things civil and know that there isn't any bad blood between them. Maybe Becca and whoever she ends up with can make a surprise visit to Paradise this summer and show us all that everything's really alright between them.

Most importantly, though, it was nice to see that Tia and Becca didn't take any bait and play into some of the "catfighting" tropes and stereotypes out there that reality TV (even The Bachelor franchise) can perpetuate. It's likely that both women are happy with whoever they might be with right now. Who knows, maybe there's even a double date in their future.