Do Beyonce & Jay Z Want More Kids? They've Both Spoken Out About Big Families Before

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In two momentous additions to pop music history, Beyoncé graced us with the most epic baby announcements ever. When she was pregnant with Blue Ivy she naturally unveiled her baby bump in front of millions of viewers at the MTV VMAs. And when Beyoncé announced she was pregnant with her twins, her Instagram post became the most liked post on the platform ever. Needless to say, the public is always very excited when Beyoncé and Jay Z procreate, and now that the world is about to gain two more Knowles-Carter babies, do Beyoncé and Jay Z want more kids?

Now, I think it's important that we all just celebrate the fact that Bey is carrying twins and let their family truly enjoy this, but the selfish side of my curiosity is already thinking ahead. In some of the couples' past interviews before and after the birth of Blue Ivy, both Bey and Jay have said they want to have multiple children. Although only they know exactly how big they want their family to be at this point, they've both expressed being drawn to the idea of a big family. Sounds like Blue might have a pretty steady job of oldest sister ahead of her.

Before Blue Ivy was even two years old, the couple was already being asked about more kids, and they sounded excited about the idea. When Bey was on her 2013 Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in London, she told The Mirror, “Definitely I would like to have more children. Motherhood has changed everything. You see things a bit differently after you give birth and my biggest job now is to protect my child.”

Later that summer, in July 2013, Jay Z was asked by Hot 97's Angie Martinez if he and Beyoncé would like more children and he answered, "Absolutely, God willing," and that he would ideally like "a little basketball team." Now, did he mean the number of players on the court or in total? There is a big difference there.

Beyoncé also talked about having more kids to Vogue for its February 2013 issue. She shared,

Since they are now expecting twins, it's hard to know if their minds have since changed when it comes to how many kids they want in total. To be safe, I'd start prepping for another Beyoncé baby announcement our lifetimes. (And hopefully we can all handle it.)