Here's Where Hannah & Luke P.'s Relationship Stands After 'The Bachelorette'

by Nicole Pomarico
John Fleenor/ABC

After a very long few weeks spent watching Hannah B. forgive Luke P.'s toxic behavior on The Bachelorette, she finally saw the light and decided to send him home last week. Alas, he's not quite done with the show yet. On Monday night's Men Tell All episode, he'll be back to share his side of the story... and if you're wondering if Hannah and Luke P. still talk, they've made the answer to that question pretty loud and clear.

While for most Bachelorette leads, the Men Tell All marks the first time they see their suitors since breaking up, it seems like in Luke's case, Hannah made an exception. When the Fantasy Suites aired last week, Luke created a Twitter account and was tweeting away about how Hannah thought her "sin" — aka having sex before marriage — was funny, and of course, Hannah wasn't having it.

It led to a pretty heated argument between Hannah and Luke, but after everything he'd said to her on the show, it wasn't too surprising that she'd be ready to speak up for herself again. And these tweets are basically all the proof fans need to see Luke and Hannah aren't exactly on good terms these days.

Besides, it's not like Hannah has time to chat up Luke right now, even if she wanted to. Not only is she getting ready for the finale of her season to air and the taping of After The Final Rose (plus the media hoopla that comes with it all), but she's also been keeping herself busy catching up with family friends and hanging out at Disneyland. Who has time for Luke when you could be riding rollercoasters and meeting Mickey?

And as for Luke? Well, according to his Instagram, it seems like he's pretty busy defending his Bachelorette behavior to his followers... and he's still doing the same thing on Twitter.

Of course, Luke does have his supporters, but Hannah definitely isn't one of them — at least not at this point. She doesn't owe him anything, including her forgiveness or her friendship, and honestly, it's just a relief that she was finally able to see past her feelings and realize who the real Luke is.

But just in case you're ready for more of Luke's drama, don't worry — it's coming. Not only do we have Men Tell All to look forward to, but based on promos for the rest of the season, it seems like Luke's coming back to make at least one final plea for Hannah to take him back, despite the fact that she told him in no uncertain terms that she did not see a future with him and he needed to leave.

Hannah and Luke ever being friends would be a plot twist so unexpected that even Chris Harrison couldn't predict it, and hopefully, now that the show is done filming, Hannah can move on. She has plenty of other things to focus on besides Luke judging her.