Adam Driver Is Showing Off His Parenting Skills In An Adorable Way

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While a lot of us are overgrown children that are still obsessed with the movies, it's also clear that actual children love Star Wars too. Considering how scary Kylo Ren is in The Last Jedi, you might be wondering if Adam Driver has children. And, if he does, are they completely terrified of daddy by now after watching that movie?

Well, you can rest easy, because Driver doesn't currently have any children. Though it's easy to imagine that, if he did, then they'd probably have a hard time being nice to the man that they once — spoilers ahead — saw slaughter Han Solo in cold blood. Still not over it.

As you might have noticed, Driver isn't your average famous actor and is actually incredibly private about his personal life. While we know that he married his wife, Joanne Tucker in 2013, you'll find it hard to find too many other details regarding their relationship, or how they feel about having children, anywhere online. That is frankly quite refreshing in 2017, when we're so used to seeing public figures sharing so much of their lives with us on social media and in interviews. Sometimes it's nice to see an actor just be an actor.

But if you really want to explore Driver's paternal side, then you'll definitely want to hear about his beloved furry baby, Moose, and how he feels about kids recognizing him from Star Wars.

In an interview with W magazine, Driver shared that Tucker got him Moose, a Rottweiler-pit bull, for his birthday and also because he hates Halloween. Joking about the likelihood that he'd probably even favor the dog over any possible child he might have, Driver said, "this sounds so absurd, but it's not. I don't know that I could love anything more [than this dog]." He also added that he and Tucker "skipped out of town," to get away from all of the Halloween trick or treaters and joked, "apparently we hate kids, too," which is when they headed to a pound in Long Island, where they found Moose.

As anyone who has ever had a pet can attest, you love and care for the animal as though it was your own child. So, while Tucker and Driver might not have children, currently Moose is as beloved a family member as a child would be. Even if the dog doesn't have any idea what Star Wars is or that Driver's character is kind of a bad man in the movies. In fact, maybe it's best for everyone that he doesn't know.

Driver might not be a fan of Halloween or of the kids who bang on his door begging for candy at that time of year, but it doesn't mean that he has an innate dislike for all children. In fact, in a round table interview with The Newspaper, Driver suggested that the one upside of his fame is getting to meet his young fans, "If it's for kids, I love it," he explained. His involvement in the Star Wars universe appears to have given him an appreciation for how the movies can provide something for families to bond over:

"The familial part, where families get together to watch Star Wars and it becomes cross-generational, is very moving. It's one of my favourite things and I didn't anticipate that when I took on the role."

Which is too cute. So cute that Driver would likely make a fantastic dad, should he and Tucker ever choose to have children together. For now, though, the actor seems happy with bringing other families together via Star Wars, and with his own dog-centric fam.