Why Caelynn Will Probably Choose Dean Instead Of Connor On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Nicole Pomarico
John Fleenor/ABC

He may have sent himself home earlier this season, but on Tuesday night, Dean returned to Bachelor in Paradise — this time without his mustache. After doing some reflection, he decided that he does want a relationship with Caelynn after all. And now, it looks like the two may have a second chance at love — that is, if Caelynn doesn't choose Connor... but it's not exactly looking good for him.

As soon as Dean arrived back in Paradise, he took Caelynn aside to talk — and as everyone else pointed out, the fact that his mustache was gone was proof that he meant business. He told her that their first date in Paradise was the best date he'd ever been on, and that he appreciated her for the way that she accepted him for who he is, the good and the bad. His fear of commitment had gotten the best of him, but when he went home and couldn't stop thinking about her, he realized he's spent too much time pushing the good things out of his life. So, he came back to the show to tell her how he felt.

The fact that Dean was so urgent in wanting to get Caelynn back showed how serious he is about their potential future relationship — and the fact that Caelynn was willing to hear him out showed that she may not be as solid in her relationship with Connor as it seemed.

It's not like Dean didn't have an explanation for his behavior; as we saw on The Bachelorette, he definitely has a complicated history when it comes to love and relying on other people. He said:

"I have a really bad habit of keeping myself safe and not connecting to people as deeply as I should, and that's what I was doing with you. I ran from a good thing and I decided to leave before I let our relationship become what it possibly could be. And I realized that if I wait until I'm perfect to be in a relationship with someone, I'll probably be alone forever."

Then, he asked Caelynn if she would leave Paradise with him that day — which obviously meant that she and Connor would be over. It's a big decision, but considering that Caelynn didn't immediately tell him no, it seems like there's a strong chance she'll leave with Dean.

After all, even though she and Connor had been getting close, Dean has always seemed to be her first choice. Now he's finally telling her everything she's been hoping to hear, and her feelings for him definitely seem to still be there. But understandably, she's a little hesitant to instantly take him back.

"We had something really good, but there's still so many questions. I literally have the dangerous guy and the perfect man," she said. "I literally have no idea what to do."

Connor, meanwhile, doesn't seem concerned, saying that he hopes he won't lose Caelynn to "this loser." But maybe he should be concerned, because even though Caelynn said she didn't know what to do, it's clear that Dean still has a hold on her.

Caelynn has a a lot of thinking to do, and fast. Will she leave Paradise and take a risk with Dean, or stay and continue her growing relationship with Connor? We'll have to see next week.