Does 'Coco' Have A Post-Credits Scene? Pixar's Heartwarming New Movie Keeps You In Your Seats


Pixar's newest animated film, Coco, takes a page out of parent company Walt Disney's book by diving head first into the world of larger than life musicals — and this one's especially larger than life since it takes place in the Mexican Land of the Dead. The film is filled with music, culture, color, laughs, and tears, and it's already being hailed as an instant classic for the legendary studio. So it's no wonder that fans don't want the movie to end while watching it, but is there a Coco post-credits scene to satisfy their desires?

There isn't, at least not in the traditional sense. Once the credits roll on Coco, that's it as far as the story is concerned. There's no jokey tag, no tease of a sequel (which is somewhat surprising given that Pixar has recently morphed into a veritable sequel factory)... there's not even an extra scene featuring everyone's favorite xolo dog, Dante. However, there is a little something that should appeal to fans of the film's message. After the credits roll on Coco, there is a brief dedication from those who worked on the film to the people who inspired them, and photos of their family members are shown. While it's not explicitly stated, the people in these photos are likely deceased, as the film's main theme is honoring loved ones who have passed on. If this is indeed the case, then it's a very fitting tribute indeed.


And while it may not technically be a post-credits "scene" per se, it still follows the Pixar tradition of including something extra for fans at the end of the film. Although these days many people think of Marvel movies and big sequel teases when they think of post-credits scenes, Pixar films had been including them as a way to squeeze in one more joke for a decade before the Marvel Cinematic Universe even existed, and the majority of Pixar's films have some kind of scene after the movie ends. So here are all of Pixar's post-credits scenes so far, in chronological order.

'A Bug's Life'

JackBauer137 on YouTube

Pixar's first post-credits scene took place way back in 1998 at the conclusion of just their second film ever, with an animated "blooper reel."

'Toy Story 2'

Disney UK on YouTube

The fake bloopers continued with the Toy Story sequel.

'Monsters, Inc.'

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Pixar really expanded their post-credits output starting with this film, which included not only the customary blooper reel, but also a full extra scene depicting a musical number.

'Finding Nemo'

the return of the fossa on YouTube

Finding Nemo does away with the bloopers and goes for broke with a funny extra scene after the film, a Monsters, Inc. cameo, and a throwaway gag at the very end of the credits.


Chris Tubutis on YouTube

Like Finding Nemo, Cars also includes a funny scene that continues a plot thread from the film.


WackABabyEntertainment on YouTube

Not surprisingly, this atypical film went the artsy route for its credits, showing 2D animation of the humans returning to Earth from outer space.

'Toy Story 3'

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In perhaps the most ambitious — and satisfying — of all of Pixar's post-credits scenes, this poignant film shows how all the toys are faring in their new lives.


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For Brave, Pixar went back to basics, featuring a jokey tag related to an earlier plot point.

'Monsters University'

Esteban Méndez on YouTube

Back at it again with the jokey tag related to an earlier scene in the film.

'Inside Out'

John Pete Lasseter Docter on YouTube

One of the more clever post-credits scenes, for one of the more clever Pixar movies, this one shows the emotions of a number of people — and animals — to hilarious effect.

'Finding Dory'

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Pixar actually made this sequel's post-credits scene the sequel to its predecessor's post-credits scene. Got that?

'Cars 3'

Ryan & Nathan's Hoyle on YouTube

The Cars movies are all about moving merchandise and promoting every kid's favorite character, Mater, so of course the post-credits scene here is a solo bit from the Larry the Cable Guy-voiced character.

While Coco doesn't technically have a post-credits scene, its heartwarming inclusion of a tribute after the credits still makes it a worthy addition to Pixar's legendary catalog of post-credits material.