A Deep Dive Into Whether Dorit From 'RHOBH' Follows Teddi On Instagram

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Dorit Kemsley did not get off on the right foot last season. Although they seem to be able to laugh about it, as they joked in the Season 9 premiere that Dorit unfollowed Teddi on Instagram, yet again. However, that scene was filmed months ago and a lot can change once the cameras are off, given what we know about this season of the show. We all know Kyle and Lisa are still going at it, but does Dorit follow Teddi on social media in 2019? Where do they stand these days? If she does follow Teddi, it would be a pretty big deal, or at least that's what Dorit made it seem like during the episode.

So, how did this all come up in the first place? At Kyle Richards' barbecue, her daughter Sophia asked if she was allowed to post a video of Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken Todd napping at the party. That's a smart girl: getting permission so she doesn't cause (additional) drama for her mother and her co-stars.

Kyle said it was fine since Lisa doesn't follow Sophia on Instagram. Then she remarked, "She doesn't follow you either, Teddi." Even after a whole season of referring to her as her "Teddi Bear"? Wow. That's actually pretty shocking.

Anyway, Kyle, ever one for Lisa's attention, added some fuel to the fire, adding that Doris doesn't follow Teddi, either. Teddi jokingly confirmed that she already knew that. Dorit then chimed in, as always, "But, there's potential for me refollowing you!" Later, in her on-camera interview, Dorit declared, "Once Teddi and I are fine, I'm sure I'll follow her again."

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

As of this moment, Dorit is following Teddi on Instagram and she's following Teddi on Twitter. Wow, the double follow. Apparently, these two really are "fine." For the record, Teddi is following Dorit back on both social media platforms. And Lisa is still not following Teddi. At least Teddi has one relationship on the mend, right?

Do these two encounter more drama before getting into each other's good graces? Or did Dorit just start following Teddi after that pool party banter? Most likely the former. It's never that easy to make up on a Real Housewives show. Unfortunately, the viewers do not know what happened to make Dorit click "follow" on Teddi's Instagram page, but they do seem to be on better terms these days.

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Aside from the social media confirmation of their friendship, Dorit recently named a bathing suit after Teddi. Last season, Dorit designed swimsuits named after the full-time cast members... except for Teddi. Dorit explained Teddi's exclusion in a March 2018 interview with Page Six, "Teddi does not have a swimsuit yet. I feel like she is gonna need to earn her way into my good graces. I don't know. Next collection, possibly?"

In a January 2019 interview with Page Six, Teddi hinted at what to expect from Season 9 and, yes, she mentioned the swimsuit. Teddi teased, "This season has a lot of tough water to navigate so I’m glad Dorit has given me a cute suit to wear while doing it." So, Dorit gave Teddi a cute suit to wear and some social media follows. But how did they get to that point? The viewers just have to watch the new season to find out. It's bound to be a bumpy ride before Dorit clicks "follow."