How Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Pets

So you know that Mercury retrograde can wreak havoc on your communication, technology, relationships, and finances. But, some people think humans aren't the only ones who suffer the wrath of Mercury. Does Mercury retrograde affect your pets, too? According to some folks, the short answer is yes. For example, animal communicator Marla Steele says that Mercury is also the planet that rules pets — so if Fido slips his collar, Petey flies into the patio window, or Whiskers jumps off the balcony, the cosmos might be to blame.

"First and foremost, pets are greatly influenced by their environment and the emotions of their caretakers," Steele writes on her website. "If you are stressed and frazzled, they will be too. Mercury directly rules pets so it is a good time to keep a close eye on them and their physical bodies."

Basically, pets experience the same frustrations as their humans during Mercury retrograde. I have four pets: A rescued beagle, BiBi, who has an esophageal disease called megaesophagus, which means the muscles in her esophagus are paralyzed, and she can only swallow food in an upright position; two cats, Teddy and Ziji, that I share with an ex; and my roommate's dog, a rescued Boston terrier/chihuahua mix named George, with severe separation anxiety. It's a regular animal farm over here, and now I'm wondering if Teddy peed in the car yesterday during our monthly cat swap because of Mercury retrograde.

Steele says that tensions may arise between pets during Mercury retrograde just like they do between people, and that miscommunications between pets and humans are also common.

"Difficulties in training or behavior may surface as your pet could be confused about what you are asking," Steele says on her website. "Be sure to send clear mental pictures with your words. Also be aware of the energy that you are radiating. Is it calm and congruent with your intentions?"

BiBi and I have trouble communicating on most days, usually because she thinks she is in charge, and her stubborn nature is the dominant force in our relationship. She was found wandering the streets of Puerto Rico with her three puppies in tow. The bossy personality that kept her pups safe on the streets when they were strays, however, doesn't always fly with the other pets in our house.

I haven't noticed any additional communication issues, but I did just return from two weeks abroad, so I will pay extra attention during the next few weeks to see if Mercury is affecting our already messy mojo. BiBi and George's regular stance is together but separate. Here they are below ignoring each other.

Steele says she is the parent of cat who is prone to Mercury retrograde-related mishaps, which "have included food poisoning, falling from a second story, falling off the car while in a hard carrier, eating to-go food leftovers including the foil wrap and Styrofoam container, and the normally indoor only guy got out and went missing for three days during a storm," Steele details on her website.

Mercury retrograde is also a time when many pets go missing, often due to gates or doors being left open by distracted owners, so it's important to keep a close eye on your fur babies during this time. Animal communicator Di Kendall says on her website that Mercury Retrograde might also make it seem like your pet has two personalities.

"Vocal dogs become silent, and quiet dogs become yappy," she writes. "Your finicky feline won’t eat the food that took you two years to find — even though last week they couldn’t have been more satisfied."

The good news is that once Mercury retrograde is over, your pet's behavior should return to normal — but it's good to track each year's retrograde cycles so you're prepared for the added antics Mercury can bring.

"I mark the retrograde cycles on my calendar, keep my vet on speed dial, and call on the angels for extra help and protection (especially on the first and last days of the retrograde cycle when the impact is the strongest)," Steele advises on her website.

If your pet seems confused, don't be alarmed. It's totally normally during Mercury retrograde.

"Because Mercury is the planet of communication and travel, and it’s out of phase for the next three weeks, simple sentences will seem difficult to comprehend," according to an article on Dogster. "That goes double if you’re a dog. Exercise patience if Spot forgets certain important routines, such as housebreaking or refraining from loud barking at night."

Remember to be patient with your pets during this trying time; they're as mixed up as you are, and unfortunately they aren't able to read this article to understand why. Perhaps you can read it to them while simultaneously sending them clear mental pictures. It's worth a try.