Does My Partner See A Future With Me? 8 Signs They Do You Didn't Realize

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

If you've been seeing someone for a while, it can be hard to figure out if they want to be together for a long time, or if they're still deciding what they want. According to experts, a few subtle signs can show that your partner is committed to being with you far into the future. A gesture as tiny as clearing out a shelf for you in their room or asking you to have brunch with them and their mom can say a lot about whether they're in it for the long haul.

Surprisingly, one sign that your relationship with your partner will last is that you both know your limits. "While it is good to have open communication with each other, setting private boundaries is also an essential part of the relationship," Celia Schweyer, a dating and relationship expert at, tells Bustle. "If you and your partner exactly know when and where to stop in terms of private matters, that is an indicator that your relationship is going to last," she says. "This is simply because you respect each other’s individual lives, and as we all know, respect is one of the keys to achieving a long-lasting relationship."

Here are some signs that your partner sees a future with you, according to experts.