Rihanna Is Doing Makeup Tutorials Every Tuesday Now

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or an expert at makeup, there's no denying that makeup tutorials can get obsessive. Once you watch one (and then probably another), you're not too far away from just clicking autoplay. With all of beauty gurus who already exist online, now even Rihanna is jumping on the tutorial bandwagon. You might as well turn on your post notifications now, because a Fenty tutorial will have you straight up mesmerized.

Starting with the promotion of Fenty Beauty's newly launched Chillowt holiday collection, RiRi demonstrates her use of the latest icy highlighter palette. At first glance, fans were raving about the 7 highlighter shades, but didn't quite know how to use such a colorful highlighter it to the fullest. That's where Ms. Fenty comes in.

Rihanna has ventured into teaching Fenty fans how best to use her latest palette and other Fenty Beauty products on the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna YouTube channel every Tuesday.

In her first-ever tutorial, the "Work" singer goes for a frosty look by trying on the Killawatt Foil Palette and Snow Nights lipstick set. If there's anyone who can pull off a chilled out look, it's this Basian Beauty. Not to mention these colors look sick on her face, by the way.

“Today we are going to be doing a Chill Owt look, really icy and celebratory and ready for the holidays, using our new holiday collection,” the makeup mogul said.

In the video, Rihanna mentions that the palette is entirely multipurpose. Beauty gurus have the opportunity to go off on this highlighter selection as they can use it on their eyes, cheeks and even on their body. So if you're opting for something other than the iconic Fenty Beauty Body Lava, this might come in handy for the cooler month ahead.

The "Wild Thoughts" singer applies some of the more pink and purple shimmers everywhere from her eyelids to her cheekbones as well as her collarbones and even ears. "It’s not too much drama, but it’s still drama," she says in the video.

In the past, Rihanna has done mini tutorials that always seem to go viral. Before, she was seen previewing her products on her Instagram Stories, but now she's going for lengthier vids. Who could forget all of the memes that came about after debuting Body Lava all over her shoulder? It's kind of legendary.

“I call it a holiday look because it can go into either a Christmas look, it can go into a winter look,” she continued, “because it’s icy, it's frozen, it’s also really sparkly and beautiful.”

These new "Tutorial Tuesdays", as the brand calls it, have the potential to seriously engage viewers since Rihanna has almost always had a very casual format to all her video tutorials. It allows makeup enthusiasts to learn their own styles and to not take makeup too seriously.

Although this particular tutorial is meant give viewers the holiday chills, Rihanna manages to find a way to make things a little warmer.