Vanessa Should Get A 'Bach' Hometown Date

Rick Rowell/ABC

Vanessa is the definitive Disney princess of Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor — she has long, flowing locks and she is a teacher with special needs children, proving she’s selfless and kind. What’s not to like about her? Well, Vanessa is feeling a little insecure about her time with Nick, so let’s ask the question — will Vanessa get a hometown date on The Bachelor?

Vanessa has had two one-on-one dates with Nick while some of the remaining women (Corinne mostly) haven’t had any, so I think it’s safe to say that Vanessa is among Nick’s favorite ladies. He even kissed her after she vomited on their zero gravity astronaut date, and you don’t kiss someone you don’t like after they’ve puked in a bag next to you. I don’t even think I would do that to my husband, and we’re bound for life. Vanessa and Nick’s second one-on-one date consisted of them sharing more of their deepest, darkest secrets (well, as much as you can share on The Bachelor), so I think that Nick is grooming Vanessa for the long haul. He may not have told her he loved her when she told him, but he could be taking it slow. What’s next? Vanessa introducing Nick to her big Italian family. Something makes me think that all of those Italian mamas would love Nick and want to feed him everything.

Also, there are only four women left on The Bachelor — that means that they should all feasibly get a hometown date. Nick has done things very much his way on his season of The Bachelor, so maybe it won’t be four hometown dates. It could be three, or even just two. But I think that Vanessa and Nick’s connection is strong enough to guarantee his meeting her family anyway.