Donald Glover's Kids Have Stayed Very, Very Private For A Good Reason

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At this point in his career, Donald Glover has managed to generate a pretty impressive resume. The rapper (also known as Childish Gambino) has credits as an actor, a musician, and a director, but what many fans don't know after being lucky enough to bear witness to him racking up the accolades over the past few years is that he's also a proud father of two. Donald Glover's kids are kept out of the spotlight for the most part, which is totally understandable, since they're both a little too young to have a full understanding of this fame thing.

Even though most of the world now recognizes him for his skills in the recording studio and on the small screen, there's way more to Glover than his accomplishments in TV, film, and music, though there's a lot about his personal life that the 34-year-old leaves off-limits to the public. Most of what we know — or the most that he's been willing to share, at least — about Glover and his family is that he has a partner named Michelle, and the couple are parents to two children. It's not clear how long he and Michelle have been in a relationship, but we do know that their children are young — a little too young to fully understand that their father is an all-around genius nominated for five Grammy awards this year.

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Glover and Michelle welcomed their first son, Legend, back in October 2016 before giving birth to their second child together earlier this month, according to People. The details on the name and exact birth date of Glover's baby boy have yet to be revealed, which isn't totally shocking considering how private the family already is. Michelle's identity has been kept entirely under wraps over the past few years, and when Glover announced that they had become parents just over a year ago, many fans were a bit taken aback. So it makes sense that the two probably go to even greater lengths to protect the privacy of their children, or they at least plan on doing so until their kids are old enough to make the decision of whether or not they want to be in the spotlight themselves — something that more and more celebrity parents are beginning to do. It's a tough world out there, and with so many haters and obsessive fans scouring through the internet and social media to not only pry into the details of celebrities' personal lives but also assert their opinions about them, the decision to keep the kids out of the public eye is probably the best move for the sake of their safety.

Still, the apple probably won't fall too far from the tree in this case, and it's very likely that Legend and his newborn baby brother will be just as talented as their father, who also stars on the acclaimed TV series Atlanta. Glover won Golden Globe Awards for Best Comedy TV Series and Best Actor in a Comedy Series, along with Emmys for Outstanding Directing in Comedy Series and Best Lead Actor in A Comedy.

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Tons of celebs will be hitting the red carpet on Sunday night for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, where Glover is nominated for five awards including Record of the Year for his single "Redbone" and Album of the Year for his 2016 project Awaken, My Love! With Sunday being such a big night for him, it's easy to wonder if Glover plans on bringing his family along with him to celebrate the occasion. Given the information above and the fact that his partner has rarely made appearances with him at these kinds of events before, it's probably safe to say that fans won't be putting any faces to names anytime soon.